Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things I'm Loving, Pt. 2

First order of business:

You can now get updated via email with this cool doohickey:
(somewhere in the direction of the arrow)
Internets are neat.

my blog reached 1,000+ views!
In less than 3 months!
I don't really know what's normal for a blog,
but this is way more than I expected 
considering I have almost nothing of merit to say.
So, thanks!

And now I'll actually post about something.

More things I'm loving:

1. My UD education

I made fun of, & complained about, & was exasperated with UD. 
I won't deny that. 
But I look back with extreme fondness on my time at UD. 
It's frustrating, though, because folks from UD are just so much smarter than OTHERS,
so life in the real world can be rough.
(That was slightly sarcastic, by the way. Non-UDers, please don't get offended. Just get a sense of humor.)

2. Organizing

I went home for a little over a week, and managed to organize two closets. 
Of my own volition. 
You're welcome, Mom. 

Also, I recently spent a couple of weeks researching agendas
because I'm anal like that. 
My current love is May Designs
(they have personalized stationery, too!)

but I might spring for an Erin Condren or myAgenda when I start law school.

3. Rockin' the River

Fort Worth is awesome & I'm actually pretty sad to be leaving.
Rockin' the River puts bands on a floating stage in the Trinity River &
you can rent tubs (or toobs. whatever.) to float while listening. 
I haven't been yet, but it's weekly so I'm sure I'll make it out there at some point.

4. Edward Snowden

I didn't create this. Give me more credit than that. 

This is not a political blog because I don't really want to reveal my ignorance, 
but I'm pro-Snowden. Hypothetically, if I had a secret, off-the-grid cabin in Europe,
I would totally offer to hide him. 
Our government's disgusting & I'm preparing for the end times. 
(Only slightly joking.)

5. Lawn games?

It might be the middle-class WASC(atholic)-y girl speaking, 
but summertime calls for lawn games. 
Bags are a given, 
and I could do with a bit of bocce, a lot of ladders, considerable croquet, etc.
Channeling my inner Maid Marian sounds fun, 
but I prefer games that can be played with a drink in hand. 

That's really all I've got for you. 
I drove from San Antonio to Fort Worth today, so I'm all car-tired. 

Plus, I have a headache.

So I've got a lot to deal with.


  1. One blogger to another I am completely obsessed with my May Book agenda... small enough to fit in convient places and not be super overwhelming (read Erin Condren can be super overwhelming) !!

    Also, congrats on 1000 very impressive (and I like your gold dots!)

    1. Thanks!

      And I totally agree about the May Book agenda. I only wish it was a spiral instead of sewn binding!

  2. I'm eternally grateful for your help with the closets...