Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Sunday Currently

Today, I'm venturing into "link-up"-land with Lauren for The Sunday Currently.


READING: The Divine Comedy. I've had a blog post planned that necessitates another (at least) riffle through the Inferno. That one should be up next. Also, whenever I get a little down, I flip through The Essential Calvin and Hobbes. Next on my list is The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel.

WRITING: Snail mail to Kate Papania (I'm the worst pen pal ever). A to-do list. Cover letters for job applications. I finally went to Career Services, so maybe there's some hope? 
Probably not.

LISTENING: To my sister trying to reason with her 10-month-old. And my new LFO Pandora station (it's good, guys.) 

THINKING: The sun is too hot. Someone should do something about that. Obama to the rescue!

SMELLING: Chlorine & pina colada. I'm a pool honey right now.

WISHING: That I was blessed with a year-round tan. A family member tells me on the regular that I need to tan because I "look so much better with a tan" which is code for "You look like a dead person. I don't want to be seen with you until you fix that." 

HOPING: That there won't be any new bug friends when I go back to my apartment after a longer-than-planned trip home. (I call them friends, but they aren't--just don't tell them that.)

WEARING: This sounds like some awful, meant-to-be-sexy line: What are you wearing right now? Sorry to disappoint, but I'm just wearing shorts & a tank top. It's summer in Texas. 

LOVING: The new Disney/children's movies on Netflix. Just when I was thinking that I'd have to actually buckle down and get a job (because I've exhausted all the good Netflix options), they add more! {{Netflix + Mary 4EVR}}

WANTING: A pair of white Jack Rogers. But not even I can rationalize spending that much for glorified flip flops. 

NEEDING: To get my future on lock. This "up in the air" business does not make for a happy Mary. 

FEELING: Ready. Ready to move back to Dallas, ready to start a job, ready to visit out-of-state friends, and sososo ready to get my life back on track. 

CLICKING: Doctor Who, Season 7. Summer's my catch-up time for all things Who-vian. I found this while internet-ing & I really wish I'd had it freshman year at UD. Also, the Jobs section of Craiglist has been bookmarked. I'm not proud of that. 

This post isn't very entertaining, either. Sorry.
To heighten the anticipation for the next post:
As Dante traveling through Hell, what would you be drinking?

Also this:
Someone painted this of grown-up Calvin & Hobbes, 
and it makes me want to cry and find all of my stuffed animals. 
Lance, if you're reading, this is for you. 


  1. so happy to have you linking up this week! :) by the way, do you have a twitter account? i like to tweet all the 'currently' posts each monday, & i'd love to include you in this way in the future if you have an account. let me know!

    i need to work on my snail mail skills - i have a pen pal too, & she's been waiting for FOREVER for a letter. i'm going to get on that this week.

    i haven't yet been able to justify a pair of jack rogers either... but i want them, that's for sure.

    have a great week & good luck in your job search!

  2. Thanks so much for reading! I tweet @MissDealSays (I should really get that all linked up). Sorry for the delay on getting back to you!

    Hopefully, the job search is nearing an end (fingers crossed!).