Sunday, November 24, 2013

An Ode to B. Spears

First off, 
can I just say how annoying it is
when someone at work mentions my age?
It's never in admiration. 
No one mentions how young I am
and is impressed with my go-getter attitude & the fact that I have a real job.
Any time my age is mentioned,
it's in a manner of doubt. 
When I was teaching, the other educators were constantly talking
about how young I was.
One even alluded to the fact that I would have her daughter
in my class next year and that she was a little leery.  
And, now, at the law firm, clients & co-workers alike
mention my youth as a sign of ineptitude. 
What do they expect?
There is no law saying young people
must serve five years as retail/fast food workers/babysitters
before obtaining real employment.  
And shouldn't it be an embarrassment that someone fifteen years your senior
has the same job?

Moral of the story:
I don't mention how old you are. 
Please don't mention how young I am. 

Back to ze blog…

(If you're a new reader, this might not be the post to start with.
Try one in which I sound intelligent and not fan-girly.)

Sorry, ladies & gents
(HA! Like anyone of the male persuasion reads my blog):
this one's a fluff piece dedicated to a lovely lady in my life.

I watched this commercial
on my way to a video of super-cute GWB being super-cute on Jay Leno. 
And it got me thinking. 

Britney Spears really does do what she want. 

Like, sometimes, I say it...
…but I know that I really will do whatever a higher authority tells me. 
I'm simply not as brazen as our Supreme Leader Spears. 

I've often threatened to shave my head
(mostly when it's a billion degrees outside because I have quite the mane
and it gets sweaty-difficult.)
But never have I actually taken the clippers to my locks. 
My girl Brit did. 
And she clearly enjoyed it. 

Literally, not a day passes in which I don't feel like hitting someone with an umbrella. 
As I do not have fame & fortune to fall back on, 
I have to practice restraint. 
Baby girl doesn't. 
And I envy her all the more for it. 

I also tend to practice some of that restraint with my clothing choices.
I would love to wear glitter and fur and animal print and tulle ALL THE TIME.
But, alas, I am not a Russian czarina, a lost Russian princess, 
or a member of the Russian mob. 
Maybe not so much the denim-on-denim, though. 
But I'll take a JT on my arm, any day. 

She made an absolutely awful movie
but we've all seen it at least once. 
If you say you haven't, you're a liar. 
This comes on TBS for a full weekend at least once a year. 
Sit down, shut up, and experience some girlfriend roadtripping. 
And then watch her guest star on How I Met Your Mother. 

I'm not obsessed. 
I mean, I hosted multiple Britney-only Power Hours
over my college career.
But that's not crazy.

I just think the fact that she's been freaking AWESOME
for almost 15 years is quite the feat. 

And she makes faces like this while listening to others sing:
Which makes me laugh because that's the face I make when others talk. 
She's a kindred soul & my (drunk) spirit animal. 

Happy early birthday, Brit-Baby. 

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