Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Under Pressure

Again I say it--two jobs is no joke. 
I work all the time, 
and I'm either too busy or too tired to see friends. 
Plus I don't know what the heck I'm doing with my life
and I only get one day off for holidays
and I have to do my law school applications
and I have a splinter in my finger that I can't get out
and I need to do laundry
and Obamacare

I'm a little stressed. 

Here's some ways I de-stress:

1. Listening to music
I've got many a playlist. 
I personally LOVE to belt out my feelings with some dramatic musical numbers. 
Depressing chick music works as well. 
I've also been known to have Kermit's "Rainbow Connection" on repeat. 
Don't ask questions; don't make judgments. 
I have many feelings. 

2. Calling Mom
Mom's got all the answers, 
and even when she doesn't, she's at least a sympathetic ear. 
I can't complain to people my age because we're all in the same situation. 
She's also really great at putting things into perspective. 
Remember that one time my dad was in medical school
and had 3 kids under the age of 4?

3. Not eating all day, then bingeing late at night
Super healthy, I know. 
Sometimes you just gotta eat your feelings. 
This manner of dealing with stress often leads to this manner of dealing with stress:

4. Running
We've been over this. 
I'm no marathoner, but doing something feels good. 
And when you have no control over the rest of your life, 
it's an awesome feeling to set & accomplish goals. 

5. Emotional shopping
Re: Anthro.

6. Crying
However embarrassing this is, it's the truth. 
Occasionally, everything gets to be too much
and something stupid sends me over the edge.
Netflix isn't loading?
The dryer didn't get my clothes all the way dry?
Gas light came on?
Huddled over the steering wheel on the side of the road.  
It turns out, I'm a crazy girl. 
*Those situations are hyperbolic. Please don't think I'm actually that crazy. 

7. Wine
I will never say when.

8. Praying
The ol' standby.
Sometimes (lately) my prayers sound like this:

Dear God, 

9. Blowing up Parliament. 
Oh, wait. 
That was Guy Fawkes. 
Happy 5th of November!