Thursday, October 31, 2013

Post-Grad House of Horrors

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday
(after the entire Christmas season, obvi)
so a Halloween-y blog post was in order.
Everything about Halloween is wonderful.
It is seriously the perfect childhood holiday.
Costumes are great, staying up late on a school night is always fun,
being scared with no real fear is fantastic, and the movies are solid.
And candy. Caaaaandy.

As a kid, I ate up those ghost hunter, "true tales" shows
that came on the Travel Channel all through the month of October. 
I had a whole list of abandoned mental hospitals, prisons, and hotels
that I wanted to visit. 
I didn't necessarily believe in anything supernatural; 
it's just that the possibility was so dang cool. 

The things that scared me then aren't the things that scare me now. 
In fact, Young Mary would be confused & probably a little embarrassed
about her future fears. 

But IF my current fears were turned into a Halloween attraction:

Welcome to Mary's Post-Grad House of Horrors

Oh, the humanity. 
Seriously, just the thought of having to go off of my parents' insurance
makes my heart speed up. 
With what I'm currently making & the numbers I'm hearing about Obamacare, 
I literally couldn't afford healthcare. 
I guess there's always selling organs on the black market...
[Sidenote: Speaking of the ACA, 
I feel like Obama's 5-year plan was just as well thought-out
as mine was...]
I want a bunch. 
Like, a litter. 
It wouldn't even offend me if the femi-nazis called me a "puppy mill"
because pups are awesome & I want a Weasley-esque family. 
Having a kid right now would be like removing all of the lifeboats from the Titanic. 
I'm not doing well as it is--please don't add to my troubles. 
«Law School»
1. The idea of going back to school keeps me up at night
2. What if I hate it? Then I've made this huge commitment 
and I'll (still) be an even huger failure. 
Not technically Halloween-y, but good & scary. So deal with it. 

This one hasn't changed.
Just searching for a good image made me so scared 
that I had to listen to this for a while to feel better:

«Quitting My Job»
I spent a while unemployed. 
In the grand scheme of things, it won't have been all the long, 
but it was longer than I thought it would be. 
So even though my job is the absolute worst 
(and trust me, it is. I don't write about half
the ridiculous/awful things that occur)
I feel like I can't quit. 
My emotional/mental/physical states would improve, 
but the uncertainty of unemployment is too much.
[Being honest, though: of all the things on this list, this one scares me the least.]

Here's my 4 favorite Halloween movies:
And the 3 scariest Doctor Who monsters:

And the 2 best Halloween-themed music videos:

And my 1 favorite Halloween song-from-a-show:

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