Friday, December 6, 2013

Bless me, Mother, for I have shopped.

What the what. 
I woke up to snow today.
Except it's really malicious ice masquerading as pleasantly soft snow.
But still
Work at the law firm was canceled, 
so I had one choice:
stay inside like a sane person or venture out onto the frozen tundra?
Obviously, there was adventure to be had.

Becca and I planned on DARTing to Mockingbird Station, 
but after we skidded & stomped all the way to the nearest DART stop, 
we realized the trains weren't going today. 
We were not happy campers. 
Like the stupid girls we are, we didn't let a silly thing like
black ice covering all the roads stop us from our shopping.
Becca drove.
We got there in one piece, 
but our bravery made us foolhardy and we then drove to NorthPark. 
Again, we're fine,
other than our ability to make rational decision. 

I might be nearing the end of my tenure at Anthro. 
It's taking such a toll on me, physically & budgetally, 
that I just need to stop. 
The thought of losing my discount frightened me, 
and I panic-shopped. 
Also, I had had some whiskey, so I was tipsy-shopping, as well.
The combination was both ruinous and fantastic.

I have a habit of calling my mom after I spend (what I think is) a lot of money.
I can be pretty cheap, but every now and again I go crazy.
Anthro brings out the crazy in me. 
Today, my mom said that she feels like my confessor. 
Except instead of giving me penance, my mother only gives absolution. 
She's a terrible influence.

Hopefully, with the end of Anthro comes a return to my frugal ways. 
I kind of don't have any other option.
Pray for my soul/bank account?

I've already made plans to pull my life together tomorrow, if work is canceled. 
If it's not canceled, then I guess I have an excuse for my life still being a mess?
The title of this blog post is sacrilegious. 
I apologize. 

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