Monday, December 23, 2013

The Six Days of Meowmas

To get through the misery that is my (work) day, I set challenges for myself.
One day, I drank as much water as I possibly could.
Over 100 ounces and as many bathroom breaks, thank you very much.

This time, it was a weekly challenge that I didn't realize until Wednesday.
While putting together an outfit, 
I recalled what I had already worn:


(This is a homemade leopard infinity scarf, just FYI. Crafty.)

*Are we noticing a trend?
This is when the idea took shape.
Can a person wear leopard print to the office for an entire week?
More importantly, will anyone at the office notice?
Let's find out…


They're cuter in person. Promise. 

I made a bold move & wore this little number for a slow Saturday.

{Oh beautiful for leopard skies, 
for leopard waves of grain; 
for leopard mountain majesties
above the leopard plain!}

Day 24:
I showed up to work in my leopard snuggie. 
Still no one acknowledges. 
My meows for attention go unheeded. 
I'm growing worried that I can no longer survive without the leopard.
I found myself lapping milk from a dish during my lunch break.
What's a cat to do?
Please send help and/or catnip…

I'm still a person.
Obviously, if I were to turn into an animal, it would be a unicorn.
Plus, I hate cats.

In reality, either no one noticed the incredible amount of leopard
or they kept their awe to themselves.
Probs the latter. 

Just the family joking around for our annual Christmas card!
Merry Christmas!

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