Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013: Is it Over Yet?

Bloggers like lists & recaps. 
So here's my recap of my 2013.
It was a doozy. 

I quit my teaching job. 
Let the misery begin.

In reality, one form of misery ended
but the misery of being bored & unsatisfied & not knowing where my life was going 

I was convinced to take the LSAT --
at least something to occupy my time.
(I'm sure it will pay off in the end…maybe.)

March is a blur --
one existential crisis after another.
Pain. Lots of pain.

I started blogging!
Because misery loves company & attention.

Little did I know, people would actually want to 
read my millennial complaints.
My whining hit the mark
for more people than I ever expected. 
So, thanks for having the same #firstworldproblems that I have?

Meredith got married in Houston 
& gave me an excuse for a mini-roadtrip/forget about my troubles!
Plus, I got to binge-watch the newest Arrested Development. 
Oh, the disappointment.

LSAT, baby.
I swore I would only take it once
and I stay true to my word.

I took an extended trip home, 
because what else does one do when one has NOTHING to do.
I got a job!
I was unaware of the hell it would quickly become, 
so I was overjoyed.
Nothing's changed, except the smallest raise in the history of raises
and a different job title.

I moved back to Dallas.
Love the fact the my commute became almost non-existent
and that I'm closer to friends, 
hate leaving Fort Worth behind.
I adored my first (tiny) adult apartment
and living downtown
and the comfortable feel of Fort Worth.
But Dallas is cool too, I guess.

Also, Em got married!
SUCH a fun wedding.

Absolutely nothing but work & summoning up
the energy to see friends. 
This is what the rest of my life looks like.

I started working at Anthro!
Also, my first alumni weekend during which 
I actually felt a bit awkward being on campus.

KP visited Dallas, Em had a birthday, & I wore a monocle.
The best of months.

I quit Anthro.
I'm a one-job kind of girl, it turns out.
I demoted myself.

But New Year's Eve!
I love the holiday season because it's sparkly and Jesus, 
but NYE is the pinnacle of shimmery days.
It's actually frowned upon to NOT have glitter.

It's also a time of remixes, 
as we attempt to edit the last year into something better than what it actually was.
Hindsight & rose-colored glasses & whatnot.

So here's a playlist for NYE, including some fab remixes:

And always, always the DJ Earworm Remix:

Happy New Year!
Let's hope for fewer (or maybe better) life-altering decisions in 2014!

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