Thursday, January 23, 2014

My So-Called Law School Application

Heeeeeeeey Law School!

I CANNOT stop laughing right now. RIP Arrested Development

So...applications are down again this year. I'm here to call your bluff. Are you really not going to admit me? I could probably leave the rest of this page blank and you would still admit me based on my LSAT + GPA. I'm not cocky, just realistic. 

In fact...

Your move, Law School. 


Mary Angela

I'm writing a real personal statement. 
Or I'm trying to, anyway.
My BFF x a million is a hoity-toity editor for
the likes of Dennis Prager and Thomas Sowell, 
so it is her unfortunate lot in life to be the person who
edits all of my law school crap. 
Apparently, the first draft of my personal statement was too...apologetic.
Sorry I have an issue with saying sorry too often.
Sorry I feel felt still feel like a failure because my teaching career ended
in a fiery ball of destruction.
Sorry I'm a child and have to start my life from scratch.
The actual application section of my apps is done, 
so now it's just my personal statement that needs to be accomplished.
I can pump out a fairly successful blog post in an hour, 
but this damn statement is getting the best of me.
In all of the examples I read, it seems pretty clear that 
I'm supposed to write about a specific experience that steered my life toward law.
What if I'm just doing it because I have nothing else to do?
I don't think law schools appreciate being anyone's backup plan
anymore than I do. 
Also, can we talk about my use of gifs lately?
I am on FIRE.

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