Sunday, January 19, 2014

True Life: Buzzfeed is Stealing My Blogs

It used to be a goal of mine to write for Buzzfeed. 
I aspire to be as funny as those writers. 
But then I got really tired of having to wade through 
all of the LGBT & liberal propaganda on their website
to find the actually funny stuff. 
Please, Buzzfeed, tell me one more time how you're protesting the Sochi Olympics.
(P.S. If you're actually protesting something, you would write about it once
and then ignore the whole thing, not draw more attention to it
by posting hundreds of articles about it. Amateurs.)

Another reason I have given up on Buzzfeed is because they're stealing my material.
That sounds paranoid. 
Allow me to explain:

I wrote this post about my everlasting love for Brit Bitch on 11/24/2013. 
A week later, Buzzfeed shows up with this article
I cut them some slack for this one. 
Britney is famous & had been newsworthy recently. 
Still pissed, but whatevs.

Then, on 1/12/2014, I wrote this embarrassing post about how I cry at stupid things.
Three days later, Buzzfeed shows up with this

So I went further back. 

Mine from June 28, 2013:
Buzzfeed's from 5 days later:

There might be more. 
I got too lazy to check. 

What the hell, Buzzfeed.
Is this a thing we do now?
What happened to journalistic integrity?
I guess I should be asking Melissa "I'm Not a Racist Bitch" Harris-Perry. 

I'm not going to "protest" you, because what else would I do at work. 
But just know that, as I read and laugh, I am angry.
So so angry.
And as soon as I learn how to sue,
I will be doing so.
Prepare yourselves.

[Note: This is mostly a joke. Buzzfeed is hilarious & can obvi think
of hysterical things all by their lonesome.
But if I ever obtain proof of their theft, it's on.]
Also, I made this:
I think it would be hilaaaarious to sell, Terrible Towel-style, at UD. 
Get it?
Because we went away to study abroad. 
(I just crack myself up.)
Any takers?

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