Thursday, February 6, 2014

Insta Round-Up: The Great Groundhogian

Sorry if you've already seen these on Insta;
I just couldn't spare the time to write an actual post, so you get GHog pics instead.
I've been a busy little bee & finally finished my law school apps! 
Right on time, too, because the first deadline is February 15th.
If I don't mention law school ever again, 
it's because I didn't get in anywhere and let's not talk about it, k?

I submitted my apps last night,
and there was a marked difference in my behavior at work today.
It went a little something like this:
I had "Timber" stuck in my head all day,
time actually moved fairly quickly, 
& I couldn't wait to go on my evening run.
Someone asked me for relationship advice, 
and I didn't even respond snarkily.
In short, today was weird.
Things have been pretty awful for so long, 
it's a little disconcerting to feel so careless. 

Now, release the Groundhog: 
(let's see how many allusions I can make in this one)

God created man in his image;
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.
Sorry for the blasphemy.

Listen my children and you shall hear

Groundhog Day is my absolute favorite holiday.
Sometimes, I get caught up in Christmas & Halloween,
but February 2 rolls around and I remember. 
Oh, do I remember.

Last year at GHog, I was unemployed.
 Having a job made this year slightly more complicated,
but not necessarily in a bad way.
I still managed to stay out ridiculously late on Thursday & Friday, 
but I didn't get sick-drunk, 
so I consider it an all-around win.
There was some fairly persuasive encouragement
to skip work on Saturday, 
but I did the adult thing & the anticipation made it that much better.
Despite my desire to catch up to everyone else, drunk-wise, 
I distinctly remember eating a piece of naan 
& telling a stranger that "I just don't want to die."
(His response: a very solemn "me neither" & a bite out of my naan. 
No one's a stranger for long on Groundhog.) 

(Row 1: a Mexican cartel bomb to start the weekend right, a free Pat Green concert courtesy of Chart Westcott, & what I was doing Saturday morning;
Row 2: Ye Olde Tower, lovely ladiez, & GHog buds;
Row 3: #socollege, Greg was a dancing machine, & the Groundhog 2014 sweatshirt)

Casualties of the weekend: the Burt's Bees that I accidentally washed 
in the laundry the next day, 
the sleep I so desperately need (my eye's been twitching for days now), 
and my desire to be an adult. 
Can I re-do college?

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