Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sorry I'm Really Really Not Sorry

I've been praying a lot of rosaries lately to be less judgmental and more gentle
Like a laaaaaaady.
But criticism can be good. 
We live in a world that absolutely hates judgment of any kind, 
which is the definition of ironic. 
There's no such thing as bad anything, nowadays. 
It's just "personal choice". 
Relativism is the bane of my existence and makes me a grumpy, old misanthrope. 

Fear of judgment can force better choices out of people. 
Often, in social situations, I would like to sit in the corner with a box of wine
and the apartment owner's pet; no human interaction, just drunk me & a furry friend. 
But I understand that that would be super weird. 
I am afraid that people would no longer wish to be my friend, 
so I refrain from doing that. 

Some a lot of people deserve judgment. 
Without being made fun of, how will they ever know that their choices are just wrong?
I'm not saying beat up the brony
but a little verbal abuse might teach him to man up. 
You don't hear about the fat guy showing up to his 10 year reunion 
STILL FAT but oh-so-triumphant.
 (Unless he's rich, then it's whatever and can I have his number.)
Am I not allowed to judge Klan members?
(That got a little overdramatic, I apologize. I'll rein it in.)

So, yes, I will be judging people's decisions. 
Notice I said decisions
I concede that the people might be super sweet.
 Girl wearing slutty clothes, watch yourself. 
Adult wearing wings at a music festival, I won't be pulling any punches. 
Kim Kardashian, it's on. 
Someone's gotta inflict some judgment on the world, and
I had to, in honor of the date and the fact that it will be me. 
So maybe I'll change my rosary intention to "grant me wise & proper judgment"
instead of no judgment whatsoever. 
Compromise is key. 

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