Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's Hard to Be Legit & Still Pay the Rent

My alma mater began its donation drive today. 
I am currently cowering in fear in a cave on an uninhabited island, 
far from any technology by which they could reach me.
In all honesty, I might give. 
Not that I have much moolah to donate. 
If they would just hold off for a few years, 
I will have stacks on stacks all for UD, provided they name a building after me,
or whatever. 
Right now, two years out and three jobs later --
I'm poor. 

If anything, I need to have a donation drive for myself:

« Rent »
Cost of living in Houston is killing me, ironically. 
I thought moving away from D-Bag Dallas could only help a sista out, 
but H-Town is even more expensive
and you get the bonus of an awful crime rate. Fab!
FAFSA needs to send a young, hot millionaire my way STAT. 
(Isn't that where they get their money supply?)

« Law School »
Oh, yeah, that
I may not be paying tuition, 
but those books are no joke. 
No one wants to read that badly. 

« Coffee/Cocaine »
See above, law school

« Shoes »
Lady Justice (that's what I'm calling myself now) needs to look good
How am I supposed to prove myself as an intelligent law student
without a cute wardrobe?

« Puppies »

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