Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bob Loblaw's Law Blog

I'm two weeks into law school, so I consider myself sort of an expert. And let me tell you. Stuff's no joke. 

My first week went a little like this:
A swell combination of nervous-excited-dread. I was ready to finally start what I'd been working towards for a few months, but the whole making friends thing had me a-tremblin'. Not from fear, mostly in resignation. This curmudgeon doesn't change her stripes; I recoil from social interaction with strangers like someone is trying to surprise-ice-bucket-challenge me. Also, big schools are the worst. Parking is ridiculous and I had to make my own spot so I wouldn't be late on the first day. #missingUD

Tuesday my last place of employment, I didn't have to be in the office until 10:30. Granted, I had to stay until around 8:00 every night, but waking up at my leisure was just beautiful. Now, I need caffeine nonstop just to make it through the day. Because of the little parking issue mentioned above, I have to get to campus a couple of hours before my first class just to find a decent parking spot. Having to choose between sleeping in and parking is my version of Sophie's choice. It's just cruel.

I was cold-called the third day in what looks to be my most difficult class. That meant standing up and discussing a case with the professor for around 20 minutes. Luckily, two unfortunate souls had been the first to suffer the day before, so I knew to be prepared. BUT STILL. This place is an introvert's hell. Why can't I prove my intelligence with clever one-liners, like in all the scenarios I imagine while trying to go to sleep?

I don't have class on Fridays, so my tires were squealing as I left campus on Thursday. And going back on Tuesday after the long weekend was hell. 

Also, literally everyone asks what area of law you want to specialize in. I'm tired of finding new ways to say I have no freaking idea, so this will be my new response:
Aliens need representation too. 
I'm currently procrastinating on multiple assignments, haven't done laundry, and I need groceries. I'm a guaranteed success.


  1. At least you didn't sit in the wrong class for a whole hour on the first day. I did. I did that.

    1. NOOOOO! That is my nightmare. How long did it take for you realize you were in the wrong class??