Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 7

Look at me, blogging on the regular. I'm a superstar. 

It's been a while since I did one of these. 

READING: This question isn't even fair. Can I just say what I would like to be reading? Because there's a particular young adult novel I haven't read yet + the second Harry Potter book is perched on my bedside table with a bookmark optimistically peeking out from about a quarter of the way through. However, I have ten more pages of reading for Contracts and I haven't even started Torts yet. So there's that.

WRITING: Guuuuuuuuuuuuys. (Imagine that in my whiniest voice possible.) I have a memo due next Monday that is 60% of my grade in one class. I wrote the majority of it today, but went crazy while doing so. If you ever want to know how Rhode Island feels about claims for the negligent infliction of emotional distress, you've come to the right place. Actually, let's wait until I get my grade back before I get all cocky. I thought about turning in 7.5 pages of the word "butt" but figured that the professor expects a bit more than that. 
Secret: When I chat with people during class, I send them this gif and watch their reaction from across the room.
LISTENING: I and Love and You. and Murder in the City. and all of my favorite Avett songs because they make me feel all contemplative and tranquil and less miserable.


SMELLING: Caramel Praline candle from HEB. I always have it burning when I study at home, so I'm now thinking I should ask if I can bring it into my exams. Sense and memory and all that. Med school friends, would that give me an edge? TELL ME IT WOULD GIVE ME AN EDGE.

WISHING: Thanksgiving would happen. I've already begun breaking my hard-and-fast rule of no Christmas until after Thanksgiving, so I need time to speed up so I can justify becoming Mrs. Claus. I mean, other than my extreme emotionalism brought on by stress.
HOPING: There is no hope. There is nothing. 
Because I have no other options, Elrond. Leave me alone. 
WEARING: My new leopard print nightshirt. Because someone has to make law school fabulous, and most of these people show up to everything in yoga pants and oversized shirts. Sigh.

LOVING: The fact that this semester is almost over. If I make myself forget about finals, there's almost joy in my life. But really, I will be 1/6th done with law school. That fraction isn't too bad, guys.
I'm also loving my law school section. While most of them aren't necessarily people I would choose to hang out with, we are all weirdly supportive of each other. There has been literally none of the competitiveness you hear about in regards to law school. We have an enormous group message going where we pass along supplements + advice from 2Ls and 3Ls + inside jokes from class + words of encouragement/shared misery. It's kind of beautiful, guys.

WANTING: All of the things. When I'm stressed, I shop. And guys...I'm STRESSED. I'm behind on my finals study schedule + my memo is kind of a hot mess + I can't make myself read anymore. So I shop. Sorry, Dad. 

NEEDING: A break. Assurance that finals will be okay. A way out of this mess.
FEELING: I kind of feel like I might have hit the eye of the storm. Like I went through some desperate times, and shit's about to get super real, but I'm weirdly calm right now. That might be the horse tranquilizer I took, though. Whatevs.

CLICKING: An SOS message in Morse code. HAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING...

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