Saturday, May 13, 2017

Yes, Like It's Hard

Yikes. Accidental hiatus, part two. 
Maybe you've heard this saying:
"1L year, they scare you to death; 2L year, they work you to death; 3L year, they bore you to death."
I would happily murder whoever said that. 
Maybe I've done things terribly wrong, but my 3L year has been super stressful and not-at-all boring. Except also I've stopped caring about 95% of my commitments. 
(Those commitments persist, despite my valiant attempts to ignore them.)  

But today is the day!

After today, I never have to go back to that awful place!
(Except I'm doing bar prep at school, so I'll be there every day until July 25. Ugh.) 
But for all its mosquito-infestation, freezing-in-one-building-sauna-in-the-other, flood-every-time-it-rains, sweaty walls, probable-asbestos terribleness, 
I'll probably miss that place. 
Maybe. Eventually. 

I've practice a lot of restraint over the past three years in not posting every Legally Blonde gif ever. So today, in a journey through my law school emotions, I pay tribute to the original light-haired lady of the law. 

I go here. I guess?
Except it was. Super hard. 

That's law school saying that to me. Because law school is a jerk. 
But law school was wrong; I was totally smart enough. I just didn't care enough. 

Ugh. Stupid boy + stupid law school made 2L year stupid angsty. But then I was all...
I realized that I was trying to be friends with law school people. 
And law school people are the actual worst. 
So I stopped trying and ended up being SO. MUCH. HAPPIER.
And because God loves irony, I made some of my best friends and achieved some things I never dreamed of. 
Those things I achieved? It turns out they came with responsibilities. So in true Type A fashion, I took on too many things, and put myself in charge of too much, and accepted too many jobs in addition to school. 

So I'm going to graduation tonight under protest, because I would so much rather sleep until bar prep starts. Until then, I'll be prepping for bar prep (see the above statement about me being all Type A-ey and whatnot) and applying for every legal job every (don't even get me started on how ridiculous this is). 
But for now, I'm like...

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