Thursday, May 23, 2013

LSAT + Memorial Day Weekend

T-18 days until LSAT doom. 
No word, yet, on whose doom it will be--mine or the LSAT's.  

I decided (re: was instructed--because at least it would be something to occupy my time) in January to take the LSAT. Wanting to give myself plenty of prep time, I signed up for the June test date (the LSAT is only offered 4 times a year). 
I started studying on my own, and then enrolled in a prep course. 
This is what my days (well, 2-3 days a week for maybe a couple of hours) look like:

I don't know why the building is greenish. Sue me. <--lawyer joke!

The baristas are starting to recognize me. 

I am absolutely ready for this to be over. 
I have "class" 3 times a week, for 3 1/2 hours. 
In addition to the stupid homework.
It is death.

I've been pretty adamant about only taking the test once, so it better go well. 
(I recently spoke to someone who took it three times before she got the score she wanted...
Ain't nobody got time for that.)
My prep course is full of college juniors who are planning on taking the test at least twice.
Which makes me:
1. Resent them for planning ahead and taking this course while still in college.
2. Resent them for having all the time in the world. 

My only solace is that I understand way more than they do (finally, the UD education serves a purpose). 
There's one girl in particular that makes me fear for the future of the legal profession.
Maybe she'll meet some cute, future lawyer and never practice law ever 
(fingers crossed).

I don't have class this Saturday OR this Monday for Memorial Day.
This is exciting for a couple of reasons:

1. My friend, Meredith, is getting married on Saturday!
The last wedding I was at with this girl, 
she challenged me to a margarita-drinking contest 
and I blacked out.

So I've got some pretty high, hazy expectations.


I don't think I've been this excited for a show since The 10th Kingdom miniseries. 
And that's saying something.
Don't expect contact with me until I finish every episode.

«Random Things»

- While LSAT-ing the other day, I realized that I was doing THE EXACT PROBLEM ELLE WOODS WAS DOING DURING HER STUDY MONTAGE.
Life was simultaneously awesome and still-sucky-because-studying-ugh. 

start at :30

- If you haven't seen the video about Zach Sobiech yet, please watch it and join the rest of us. It's beautiful and depressing and if you don't cry then you have no soul.
Totally worth the 20 minutes and a wonderful representation of a kid living his faith.

-Stumbled upon this gem the other day. 
Monogramming + Gatsby?
So, so good. 
The Avatar Creator isn't too shabby either. 

Also, if you saw Gatsby, but missed the giant bottle of champagne that exploded glitter:

go watch it again.
This picture is fabulous, but doesn't do it justice. 
That giant bottle of champagne/glitter is what I've been searching for 
my entire life.


  1. So it turns out that I have a soul...

  2. ohmygosh! love the picture from the wedding. gold.