Friday, May 17, 2013

Things I'm Loving

Was anyone else aware that the stupid/awesome brother from Modern Family is actually a member of MENSA and graduated high school at 13?!
Hat's off to you, kid.

I was going to do a tour of my apartment for this post, 
but then I realized that that would mean cleaning, so
(Some of you are asking, "But don't you have plenty of time to clean, being unemployed and all?" 
To that I say: Shutupshutupshutup.)

So instead of cleaning, or grocery shopping, or anything else that I should have been doing, 
I watched an episode of Warehouse 13 (no shame in my game) and tried to think of a good blog post. 
My mind was blank. 
I knew I set the bar too high when I posted twice in one week. 
It's cool, though. I would rather post rarely about great things than inundate y'all with my daily activities (because NO ONE'S daily activities are blog-worthy.)

Instead, I will tell you what I'm loving, at this moment:

1. Coyote Drive-In

Coyote Drive-In is this great drive-in movie theatre that just opened about 5 minutes from my apartment. Opening weekend they played classics, but they've started showing all the latest movies as well. There's a bar and concessions (repeat for emphasis: bar), it's pet-friendly, and each screen shows a double-feature for a super low price. 
What's not to love?

2. Running

I have awful knee problems. Too much soccer and ballet when I was younger absolutely destroyed my joints. For years, it was actually too painful to run for any meaningful amount of time, so I had to supplement with other exercises. 
I started running again in January and it definitely wasn't a pleasant experience. I probably will never get real enjoyment out of running, but I do enjoy a challenge. It's been fun to see how much farther I can go each time. My pace is embarrassingly slow (see Homer, above) and it's still pretty painful, but I'm making progress.
My biggest inspiration has been finding out about the runDisney events. Running through Magic Kingdom?? I could die happy.
(Plus, the medal is in the shape of a tiara. GAH.)

3. H-E-B San Antonio blend coffee
Stop what you're doing (or finish reading my blog, whatever), drive to the nearest H-E-B, and get this coffee. This is the coffee we drink at home, and I completely forgot about how good it is until my last weekend at Mom's. 
Sadly, my Central Market doesn't sell it, and there really isn't an H-E-B close to me. 
Mom recently visited and surprised me with a bag of my favorite coffee, but that was just a tease. I have a taste for it and no way of getting it.
BUT have no fear. 
I recently discovered this website that sells the H-E-B coffee! 
Life can go on.

4. Selena Gomez, "Come and Get It"

I'm not even embarrassed. I've listened to it twice already today, and it's only 10:30. 
Super catchy (with a terrible message but it's cool because we've all felt that way) plus I really want to learn the dance from the MTV Movie Awards. 
And I just figured out how to spend the next few hours. 


It's not even out, but I know it's going to be my favorite thing. The promotions have been genius, the trailer is awesome, and the whole cast came back. PLUS A MOVIE.
I may still be unemployed, but life is looking brighter.

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  1. So glad you found that link to the coffee. I won't get out of bed for anything else.