Saturday, June 8, 2013

I've Got Friends in Low Places...

But I've also got friends in high places (or at least they will be someday!).
It seems while my life has stalled out, other people have hit the gas. 
I'm totally cool with that and not at all jealous...

I assume that most of the people who read this are college friends, 
so this is old news.
these sorts of things should be commemorated in Internet-land for all of time.
 And I can handle that responsibility. 
Because those who can't do, teach. And those who don't want to teach, blog. 

A dear, dear, DEAR friend from college recently made a video (with her sister) 
for a contest held by the Archdiocese of Atlanta. 
They just found out that they won first place and and a trip to ROMA!
Well, now I actually am jealous.

The video is beautiful. 

                                        Our Catholic Faith from kate papania on Vimeo.

She's also the owner of the soon-to-be Etsy store, Speak Easy.

Another friend from college is making waves in children's music.
His first children's album was recently featured on NPR and a top-seller on Amazon.

My reaction:
That was the look on my face, too.

If you don't like beautiful melodies and smart songwriting, absolutely do not give this a listen:

Also, check out his non-children's muzak (under Paul Spring & MISTER). Acetaminophen, Peter Pan, & Luke Skywalker were standard at any UD gathering.


AAAAAAND back to my life.

I LSAT in 2 days. 

This is really taking a toll on my sanity. 
After a study session, my brain is so dead that I make really embarrassing mistakes.

Last week, I spoke loudly to a deaf person in Starbucks. 
As it was happening, I knew that it was rude & idiotic but I just. couldn't. stop. 
The lady across from me gave me such a judgmental look.

I was also yelled at by a homeless person a couple of weeks ago.
(Downtown living FTW)
I don't even remember what the situation was 
My fight-or-flight instinct kicked in and I ran. 

The Internet recently gifted me this little gem:

So we've got high expectations. 

I might post more regularly once this is over, but I make no promises. 

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