Thursday, June 13, 2013

LSAT Update + Currently...

Me, halfway through the LSAT:

But now I am done with the LSAT.
(hopefully, forever)

This is how that feels:

And then I took a nap. 
It's a tough life. 

Last weekend, I went home for a wedding and this was the only picture that was taken:

The wonderful Scout being forced to remember the Alamo.

The wedding was lovely & the reception was great, but I completely failed at taking pictures. My bad.

Here's an update:

Listening: Summer calls for fun playlists.
The most important rule is summer playlists cannot involve thought-provoking music.
Also, emo music is only okay if it's Dashboard. Duh.
(Clearly, I take this way too seriously.)
My "sunshine." playlist is small, but ever-growing.

Drinking: Bud Light Lime. It's trashy, sure. 
But as an unemployed 20-something, trashy is my status in life. 
A little LSAT formal logic for you:
Anything that fights heat & humidity is perfect for the summer.
Citrus & lightness fight heat & humidity. 
BLL is citrusy & light. 
Therefore, BLL is perfect for the summer. 

Wanting: LSAT scores aren't released for 3 weeks. Ugh. My Fourth of July will be either super patriotic & happy or angry. 

Needing: It's a little sad that I'm still needing a job. 
And that's all I'm saying about that. 

Feeling: Except I am stressed about finding a job. 
And I was stressed about finding a new apartment + roommates. 
I got the roommates thing figured out and we think we have an apartment lined up,
but the financials are killing me. 
So now I have to stress about finances. 
Why did I decide to become an adult?
I understand that this is the anxiety speaking, but Buster's life seems kinda great. 

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