Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 2

At some point while I was working my little fingers to the bone (employment what what), 
I hit 2,000 views!

Also, my tweet got retweeted by Catholic Girl Probs! 
I feel famous.


READING: The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel. So good, so far. I like a book that makes me feel inspired, impressed, & inadequate, all at the same time. Plus, the movie (coming out in December!) stars George Clooney, so I'm goooood to gooooo.

WRITING: Ugh. I never actually finished/posted that letter to KP. I'm the worst pen pal in the world. And as always, to-do lists. 

LISTENING: The Essential Paul Simon. SO many singable songs.

THINKING: I would be totally fine getting married & never working again. I feel like my job hunt has been slightly more dramatic than most + I'm so done after only two weeks at work. Sorry, feminism. 

SMELLING: Vanilla, from my DDP + vodka. I'm not sure if my synapses are firing funny, but it smells of vanilla to me. 

WISHING: I was friends with Zsa Zsa Gabor. I just realized that she is still alive, and she definitely has some great stories. 

HOPING: My end-of-August move goes well. It probably won't, though, because I have a bad habit of worrying about something but not actually working to fix the problem. Don't be surprised if August 31 hits and not a single box is packed...

WEARING: UD shirt + VS boxers. I worked all day; get off my back. 
When I wear the full set, I too only button two buttons. 
Because my belly button gets hot, obviously.

LOVING: 90's tunes. I start my mornings with LFO Pandora while I get ready for work, then drive into Dallas with the 90s XM station blasting. For such an awful time period, the music produced was on point. This one's really been getting to me:

First slow dance everrrr.

WANTING: a kebab. I went to this fab Greek restaurant for my brother-in-law's birthday a couple of nights ago, and now I'm craving all the food from my semester in Europe. Kebabs played a significant role in my life then, mostly because they were super cheap, super accessible (they're sold on the street), and super tasty. Made from lamb & heaven, these are not the "shish"-type kebab that Americans so foolishly accept as food. 

Also, this happened. (Belly)dancing queen!

NEEDING: To be more on top of things. I guess being tired/busy isn't a very good excuse for not paying bills? (Just kidding, Mom. Calm down.)

FEELING: Exhausted. I started working at a bankruptcy law firm a couple of weeks ago, and I was warned about "Foreclosure Weekend". At the time, I brushed it off because I'm tough/I wasn't sure I was going to be around/I was overwhelmed by everything. Today was the dreaded day, and I now have a healthy respect for & appropriate fear of Foreclosure Weekend. Also, I think just the fact that I have to work on Saturdays makes me tired. 

I'm a pretty cute paralegal, though, right?

CLICKING: Deets on Tax Free Weekend in my Great State. They moved it to a new weekend, so I'm online window-shopping. Gotta go in with a plan, Stan. 

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