Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Workin' for the Weekend (& the Whiskey)

The law firm apparently sees something in me (ha!)
because they gave me a promotion, raise, & office after my first week.

Even with all that cushiness, work is rough. 
My hours kind of suck & I work on Saturdays. 
Not at conducive to my party lifestyle, obvi.
Plus, dealing with the average person is...

I also have different viewpoints on bankruptcy
than do the people I work with. 
(That's not random: it's a bankruptcy law firm.)
I understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people, 
but that's not really what I'm seeing at work. 
It's pretty widely-known that I'm a good ole elephant, politically, 
so you can draw your own conclusions as to my 
feelings concerning the kind of person I see daily. 
In short: I'm sympathetic to their plight, but also not really. 

Some days, 
I can barely make it to my break
so I don't explode a la Office Space. 
I've been seriously contemplating the ramifications
of stealing creamers from the break room.
(Please understand that reference.)

I take my break time seriously, 
which is why today sucked so entirely
because I spent my lunch hour getting my car fixed.
But usually, 
I try to find somewhere quiet, steal their internets, Facebook a little, 
and listen to some muzak. 

Here's a little of what I've been listening to lately, just to make it through the work day:

Do you have a lunch-hour routine?
On another note, does anyone out there actually enjoy their coworkers?
(Please let me know, so I have some hope for the world.)

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  1. "sympathetic to their plight, but also not really"----HA!