Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 3

This is the most I have the energy for, right now. 
I'll work on a little somethin'-somethin'.


READING: I'm still working on The Monuments Men. It's a long-ish book, so cut me some slack. BUT I'm investing in some Fulton Sheen. The UD student in me can't not read more than one thing at once. 

WRITING: Packing lists: one for Emily's wedding (aaaah!) in Flo-Rida and one for my actual move. Figuring out what's going into storage & what's going to the apartment is adding some complications that I just don't need right now. 

LISTENING: Band of Horses set over the conversation of two septuagenarians (wearing socks with sandals) who seem to have the solutions to all of the country's problems. #barnesandnobleproblems They also really like to re-tell Reagan's jokes, which is actually pretty great & I keep laughing even though I have my headphones in. Whoops. 

THINKING: I need to figure out a job for which I never have to engage with people. I'm a curmudgeon. Today at work, I went through our entire list of clients & wrote down the names that made me laugh out loud. I would say I'm sorry, but I'm really, really not. 

SMELLING: Starbucks. 3 points away from my gold card! 

WISHING: Adulthood wasn't so hard. There really needs to be a required course to teach about all the things you might confront later in life. I would offer to teach it, but 
1) we all know how my teaching career turned out, and 
2) without the perspective I probably need to gain, 
it would be the most depressing class in the history of education. 

HOPING: My parents get me something good from their vacation! They're in London right now & off to Paris in a few days, so I'm expecting something fabulous. Yes, I still expect souvenirs as a 20-something. 

WEARING: Trouser jeans & a black shirt? I just got off of work & came straight to B&N to steal the internets. My life is awful & I'm aware...

LOVING: The Lilly sale starting Monday. Mini-vacation for Emily's wedding next weekend where I'll see loved ones. The conversation my mother & I had about potentially quitting my job soon (everything was put in those really ambiguous terms)Today at work, I went through our entire list of clients & wrote down the names that made me laugh out loud. I would say I'm sorry, but I'm really, really not. So I'm really loving that. 

WANTING: To quit my job. But that's a want I have every day of my life, so instead: fall weather. I love me some Texas, but today was a cool-ish day and it's 91 degrees right now. I'm going to Colorado in September for another wedding & I'm afraid I'm going to get spoiled. 

NEEDING: To live closer to work (which is happening at the end of the month). My drive is about an hour each way, at the moment. It's probably the worst thing to ever happen to me. I'm not really an angry driver--I just get super passive aggressive and start calling everyone "friend" and "buddy". I pretty much turn into Bill Lumbergh from Office Space. 

FEELING: Underwhelmed by life. That sounds a lot more dramatic than I meant it to sound. Still true, though. It's hard to muster up the energy for anything when I have no idea what I'm doing currently nor what I want to do in the future. Life, y'all. 

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