Friday, August 30, 2013

Through My Eyes

I think everyone is secretly schizo, but especially girls. 
We have several ideas of who we would like to be
and several other ideas of who we actually are. 
Or maybe that's just me. 
Waking up in the morning, 
I never know who I'm going to see in the mirror. 

Here's how I see myself:

«all the Mean Girls combined»

Like Gretchen, my hair is sometimes big and full of secrets. 
Also, I gossip when not reined in, and I'm fairly spoiled. 

Karen & I share some physical traits. Hopefully, that's it. 

Cady & I both want to be like by the popular girls. 
That never goes away, no matter your age. 

Like Regina, I am crippled by embarrassment 
(see what I did there? crippled? because she was in a neck brace? sorry.)
and I might lash out at others when feeling self-conscious. 

«a Jane Austen character»

I dabble in piano, am classically-trained in voice, can sew like nobody's business, 
and am fairly quick-witted (if I say so myself). 
Where the hell is my Knightly??

«a goddess»
These days are rare. 

«this goddess»

C'mon. Every girl thinks it. 
If you say you haven't, you're a liar. If not fat, then too skinny
or too ugly or too whatever. 
Everyone is self-conscious about something
and somedays you just wake up feeling like a chunky girl standing in a too-small shell. 


On occasion, I wake up feeling like myself. 
And that's cool too. 

This didn't merit a whole post, 
It was exhausting and awful and 
I don't want to talk about it too much because evil can sense that sort of thing. 
Just know that we survived by the grace of God and my mother. 
Mabes I'll post about it once the shock has worn off. 

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