Monday, August 26, 2013

Wedding Weekend: College Carousing

I'm writing this with a barely-functioning brain. 
I got back late-ish last night from a wedding in Florida, 
so obviously everyone should be jealous
but also I might have killed my few remaining brain cells. 

This lovely angel-face from my awesome college days was getting MARRIED!
I remember when we were (so it seemed) the only 2 from our group of friends left in the dorm.
That made for some amazing/weird memories.
Now she's a little wifey!

Their gorgeous wedding invitation

This wedding weekend made me feel like a real adult at times, 
but like SUCH a child at other moments. 

I took off work Friday & Saturday
(again I say it, my work schedule is the worst)
so I could fly out Friday afternoon.
Adult moment #1: I had to park my car at the airport for the weekend.
I'd never had to do that myself before, so I felt mature & responsible.

Wore these beauts to the airport. I would come to regret that later that evening.

I had big plans to get a drink (or three) on the flight over, 
Child moment #1: I'm the worst flier ever & have to take medicine and pass out
in order to not die. Flight uneventful. 

Adult moment #2: I took a taxi to the hotel when I arrived in West Palm Beach. 
Clearly, I've taken a taxi before, but when the situation does not involve me being drunk & trying to get home safely, I feel like an adult. (Sorry, Mom.)

When I got to the hotel, the lovely ladies I was rooming with 
were at the rehearsal dinner, 
so that was my cue to quickstep to the hotel bar. 
10 minutes & two drinks later, Mr. Bartender & I were besties. 
(He complimented my "fancy shoes" so I knew it was fate.)
Luckily, some friends met me in the bar later, so I didn't look like a complete drunk.

Fast forward: the morning of the wedding. 
Roomies/Bridesmaids were getting ready early
while I watched & made them drinks. 
(Aren't I just the best?)
Mistakes, y'all. 
Apparently, this is called a "Cuban Screw". I called it acceptable. 

We then moved on to champagne. 
At this point, I'd had a banana & alcohol. 
Child moment #2: I didn't understand my limitations. 

Beauts: bottle & Bridesmaids style.

After ushering them off in style, I got ready.
Two pictures because I'm vain.

I met up with people & went on over to the church. 
However, we were super early. 
What's the only solution?
One friend stayed behind to look at the church, 
and Drea & I went off to find "somewhere to sit". 
(Neither of us wanted to say "bar", but we were on the hunt.)

Child moment #3: still not knowing my limitations. 
2 for 1 drinks? I'm obligated to get 2, duh. 

Beautiful St. Ann's in West Palm Beach:
My two-cocktail hands made things a little blurry. Sorry. 

Their priest gave a great homily
& the love was tangible. 
Everything you could want on your big day.

Reception time!
Lucky Table 13. 
We were situated right next to the bar
and I can't help but wonder if Emily knew what she was doing. 

Sadly, I don't have many good pictures from the reception. 
Too much dancing & drinking, I suppose. 
No regrets. 

Classic sparkler exit. 
So happy!

Wedding's don't come without drama, 
so Adult moment #3 was throwing off my drunkenness 
to comfort a friend. 
I am just so selfless, guys. 

Clearly, we weren't done partying yet. 
An outfit change was necessary & then on to regroup at the hotel bar. 
UD folks don't really understand the purpose of decorative glasses. 
Lesson: it takes a solid amount of beer before the taste of Strawberrita is diluted. 
Child moment #4, I guess. 

Florida calls for a midnight walk to the beach. 
In my drunk-vulnerable state, 
I didn't quite catch that it was a 3-mile walk. 
Worth it. 

After walking back, I got to reminisce with college friends, 
which is the most wonderful of things. 
Adult moment #4: being able to reminisce about college. 
Getting old, y'all. 

Oh, and I saw a drawbridge in action.

One last picture of the blushing bride, courtesy of Kate P.:
Can you even believe how gorgeous she is??

Mission EJHWedding: Accomplished.

Also, I move on Thursday. 
Ask me how many boxes I've packed.
(Hint: this is the only one.)

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