Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another Blog About Nothing?

I had this whole thing planned where I was going to pair 
stock photos of people working with depressing lyrics from musicals
and it was going to adequately express how I'm feeling...

...but then I got tired. 

So this is the only one you get:

I have nothing to blog about. 
Absolutely nothing. 
So let's see where that takes us. 


There was a bug in my office today, 
which meant I wasn't in my office for a solid 20 minutes
before I rushed in and rolled my chair over its little (giant) body. 
It's the excitement that keeps me at this job, I tell ya. 


I'm pretty excited for fall. 
It might be that my roommate's actually excited & it was just contagious, 
but everything sounds so good
Becca is my Dallas family and we'll be doing all of this.

We've made fall rules, 
which I think is completely normal & not at all crazy. 
We bought autumn-ish candles, but we're not lighting them until September 22. 
No Starbucks fall drinks until September 22. 
No decorating the apartment until September 22. 

September 22 will be a busy, celebratory day. 


Here's some shoes I can't live without:

The lady who designs shoes for J. Crew calls the pretty shoes "shiny ponies"
I die. 
 If anyone knows of a job in which I am surrounded by pretty things, 
good LORD let me know already. 


I'm going through a Dashiell Hammett-phase. 
It started with The Thin Man, progressed to The Maltese Falcon, 
and now I'm watching The Glass Key. 
I would just really like to be Nora Charles. Sue me. 
Those were just better times. 


I have this idea for a business. 
And I fully understand that every female has an idea for a business
and it never pans out, 
but indulge me

Here's a hint: monograms + Catholicism. 
I'm hoping to start on something in the next week or so, 
and if it works out I'll post about it. 
If it doesn't, we'll all just forget this ever happened. 

Sorry for the randomness. 
My inner-blogger just wouldn't cooperate this time around. 

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