Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Sunday Currently, Vol. 4

I don't blog about relationships, but this is relevant:

As is this:
But they're also pretty stupid individually. 


READING: Somehow, I lost my book during the move. It's around here somewhere, but I've been too lazy/busy with work & whatnot to invest time and effort into looking for it. So I'm starting Cyrano de Bergerac. It's a bold endeavor, seeing as it's written in verse, but if worse comes to worst, I'll take a cue from my college-self and just watch the movie
This counts, right?

WRITING: Cover letters like crazy. I need a new job, y'all. Paralegal Mary would really like to hang up her hat for good (or at least find a better paralegal position). 

LISTENING: I finally gave a listen to that Ylvis song everyone's been talking about. WTF.

Pardon me for not remembering to drop a little acid before watching. My b. 
(I'm pretty terrible at gauging whether songs are meant to be a joke or not. 
I'm still questioning 'Thrift Shop', 
and considering these guys are Norwegian, they might actually want to know
what noise a fox makes. I don't know their lives.)
After 3 back-to-back viewings, I have to admit that I might never understand, 
so now I'm just listening to the sound of the dishwasher. 
A little neutral noise after that hot mess. 

THINKING: Of a way out of this job. These people love me and will probably never fire me. I'm pretty sure I could kill somebody and they would offer to hide the body. They've been hinting that they want me to stay on through law school & come on as an attorney once I'm finished. I WILL DIE AT THIS LAW FIRM.  

SMELLING: Coffee + freshly-washed hair. Sunday morning, baby.

WISHING: I could tell y'all some of the names I encounter at work. The jokes you hear about ghetto names ARE NOT JOKES, PEOPLE. I have a group message to my family & certain discreet friends. You only wish you were on that recipient list. 

HOPING: To figure out my life right quick. To law school, or not to law school, that is the question.

WEARING: Shorts & a comfortable blouse? It's Sunday. I'll get dressed for real when I meander my way to evening Mass. 

LOVING: Living in Dallas again! I adore Fort Worth, but being near friends is so so good. I do maintain that Fort Worth is a much nicer city and if I could move UD and all of my friends across the metroplex, I would do it in a heartbeat. Plus, the city acronym is "FTW". Fort Worth is literally winning. But Dallas is great and I love my friends blahblahblah. 

WANTING: To shop like crazy. This whole girl-on-a-budget thing isn't really working for me.  

NEEDING: A budget. More coffee. A visit to DC. An oil change & new inspection sticker. Food. Real life, y'all. 

FEELING: Hopeful? Today, I'm attempting a trial run with the business I hinted about and if all goes well, I'll be cranking out products like it's my job (which it could be in the future). I'll keep you updated.

CLICKING: a lot of Pinterest lately. I'm not stealing craft ideas, I'm just trying to get a handle on how to use certain products. I don't have to justify my actions to y'all. 

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  1. I'm pretty sure the sound that a fox makes is just disappointing. Which is why they keep it a secret. (What a great video! They were talking about this on NPR (WHAT) but I forgot to look it up afterward. So...THANKS.)