Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Favorite Things Lately

As entitled, my favorite things lately:

« Wedding Weekend in Colorado»
A friend from long, long ago in my childhood
(and more recently, from college)
got married!
We got to take a little weekend trip up to Denver/Golden, CO.
It was Augie's first plane ride and he did really well!
UD weddings are always super fun, and this one was no exception. 
The DFW contingent of the Deals (Cat, Josh, Augie, and I) arrived first
and flying makes one hungry.
On our quest to find sustenance, we discovered a kebab stand!
Like our days in Europe! It was magical!
The man questioned our knowledge of kebabs, but we set him straight. 
This isn't a very good picture, but Augie wore his skinny jeans for the first time. 
When in Denver, do as the hipsters do...
The wedding was held at the cathedral in Denver:
Terrible panorama because I have issues controlling myself when there are buttons to push:
Mini-circus tent:
The groom's brother was recently ordained, so he said the wedding Mass!
He gave the hands-down best wedding homily I've ever heard. 
No pressure for the next one...

Augie met his future wife, the adorable little girl of Cat's classmates from UD. 
Jose was clearly getting in the way of their looooove connection. 

We used to play together as small children, so Mom had to get a few photos:
This is an awkward picture because I didn't know how to pose with
a) someone I haven't seen in years, and
b) a fresh-out-of-the-oven priest. 
Mumsie + Father Henry

Congratulations, Thomas & Michelle!

«Chet Baker Sings»
I'm not at all embarrassed to say that I was reminded of this 
via my newsfeed on Facebook. 
But I will say that I listened to this album
almost obsessively senior year of high school. 

My music theory course made me fairly pretentious about my tune-age.
Go ahead, give it a listen. 
You'll feel automatically smarter. 

« The books from my AP history classes in high school»
I am having serious issues with nostalgia, or something. 
Post-grad life has me feeling stupid, mostly because I don't read
nearly as often as I used to/UD forced me to. 
I hated reading these in high school, 
but now I really appreciate them and might actually order them on Amazon. 

A little Victor Davis Hanson never hurt anyone. 

«Kate Spade Beau Bag»
Like all the good bloggers recently, 
I've fallen in love with the Kate Spade Beau bag. 
The black one is great:
But the one I reeeeeally want is this glorious creature:
Of course, it's a good $500 more expensive. 
Lindsay Bluth taste on an Ann Hog budget. 

«Nancy Pelosi Being Denied Communion»

Sucks to suck, Nance. 

My least favorite thing lately:


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