Saturday, September 28, 2013


Rainy day blues:
Some people look really great in every day clothes, 
but slightly unnatural when all dressed up. 
Others look awesome in glamwear, but appear uncomfortable in jeans & a t-shirt. 
I am a third kind--the only look I really pull off is all burrito-ed up in my leopard print Snuggie. 

Another thing:
I'm a shopaholic. 
Yesterday, I had a huge headache after work. 
Instead of going straight home, I had to stop by the nearby mall
for a little something-something. 
As I walked out with my bag full of goodies, 
I could feel my headache diminish slightly.
Obviously, my first thought was, Will my headache go away entirely 
if I just keep shopping?
For the sake of my debit card let's hope that doesn't hold true. 

Jenna of Je na sais quoi does this SBQL: a song, a book, a quote, a look...thing. 
My mind is bloggy-blank, so here's mine.

Song//Head On by Man Man
Book//How to Win Friends & Influence People--reading this on my brother's recommendation. what's he trying to say?
Quote//I'm trying to do better about living like the Dude. I've really got to let things slide more...
Look//Obsessed with tartan. My inner Catholic school girl was never fulfilled. Plus, that B Spears video came out at a very impressionable age. 

I'm going out tonight with friends from collegio. 
Maybe that will give me more blogging material?

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