Wednesday, October 16, 2013


This post accidentally became 'Merica-themed, 
but I figure there's no such thing as coincidence, 
so clearly it was divine intervention.

My family makes no secret of our love for America:
My brother at his college graduation party, burning an effigy of Osama. We don't mess around.

We have many stories--mostly involving my brother--of civil disobedience, 
but we won't get into that because then it's in writing 
and let's not incriminate ourselves.

Reading the news always makes me sad.
Lately, it's been extra sad.
Our beloved country isn't doing too well.
So this post is in celebration of those people fighting back.

Vets are the best, but I'm completely biased.
And this vet is super hot, even without legs.
This is probably my favorite government-shutdown story.

Some wise words from my girl, S. Palin:
“We can only be America, home of the free, if we are America, home of the brave.”



I bet he didn't vote for Obama.

»Shout out to Tess Mull, the managing editor of
A seriously awesome conservative news & analysis website.
They teach me things.

If you aren't reading Taki Mag by now, consider yourself behind the times.
It's owned by a super-wealthy, little Greek man named Taki Theodoracopulos
(who offered to take Tess out on his yacht while at a party a few years ago!). 
If that's not enough for you, 
the articles are seriously hilarious & so well-written.
I just want to drink & discuss politics with these people, 
but I would probably be too intimidated to do anything
but sit and take notes.

»A dismantle-the-government-stylishly collage:
{The original T-Paine, spitting that sick truth.}

Martha Washington, the genteel woman that she was, 
was probably horrified at the state of the troop's socks at Valley Forge.
(Is it still too soon to make jokes about Valley Forge?)

(top L-R, then bottom L-R: because rebels don't follow rules)
A sequined military jacket. Because we may not have official uniforms, 
but our troops are fabulous.

If ever I were to take over the world, 
you can expect me to be wearing these. 

Hot pink skull loafers. 
Rephrase for emphasis: Loafers + pink + embroidered skulls.
Creating a state of anarchy demands comfy shoes, 
but comfy shoes do not have to be ugly. 
Let's not get crazy.

 While strategizing or enjoying a nice read-aloud of the Federalist Papers, 
have a nice cup of  Bohea tea. 

A gift for reading all the way through:

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