Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mary Angela and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Today has been a day. 
I got to work and was immediately yelled at for not doing something
that I actually did a month ago. 
(My office is the definition of competent.)
 My time-off request still hadn't been approved after nearly two weeks.
Construction workers were simultaneously 
jack hammering and power-washing right outside my window.
My "sensitive" co-worker cried in her office and went home early.
I only had one cup of coffee this morning. 
AND I had to drink it with regular milk, instead of my usual hazelnut creamer. 
Just the worst. 

Days like this call for a survival kit:
A Nebuchadnezzar of wine // I don't want to sound greedy, but that's how much it would take to de-stress at this point. Also, these names are super cool. I only want to drink wine by the "Methuselah". 

Warby Parker Welty glasses // I adore my specs, especially after a long, headache-inducing day. The last thing I want to do is stress the ole eyeballs while viewing the latest Downton. 

Decision-making toolkit // Nobody wants to make difficult decisions after a hard day. I am notorious in my family for being unable to make even the smallest of decisions. On road trips, 
we would spend way too long in gas stations waiting for me to pick a snack. 

Chips & queso // Maybe it's being from San Antonio, but large quantities of melted cheese can solve most problems. 

Harry Potter // Any book, most movie. Although, I might get sad again when I come to the realization (for the millionth time) that HP isn't real life. 

Shoes // I insist that a beautiful pair of "shiny ponies" could be a panacea for all the world's problems. Hitler was probs just angry that his shoes were so ugly (kiddingggggg). 

The best I can do right now is a bag of honey mustard pretzels & 
a pirated copy of Order of the Phoenix + my glasses because my head already hurts. 
But let's be real, 
I am absolutely fine settling for that. 

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