Sunday, March 16, 2014

DIY: Stars on Stars on Stars

I like to craft.  
That's probably why I majored in Education. 
But, believe it or not, teachers don't get to craft non-stop. 
It was a shock to me, too.

I see things that I really really want, 
but then I look at the price tag and my heart stops. 
So I make it instead. 

Anthro had these great fake animal trophy mounts:
But the prices were absurd, so I made my own. 
Tilt your head to the right & squint. It's a gold moose. With glitter antlers.

A friend of mine was searching for a Hobbes stuffed animal,
a la Calvin & Hobbes
No dice, at least not for a decent price. 
Out of the kindness of my heart, and because it was a fun challenge, 
I sewed one for him. 
Bow down before me, ye unskilled crafters. 

So my latest project was to replicate an Anthropologie sweater 
I've been lusting after for months.
I've always loved stars. Not in a stupid, horoscope-follower way. 
More of a look-at-me-with-my-acoustic-music-stargazing-I'm-so-cool way. 
RIP High School Mary. 

The $118 price tag was enough of a deterrent. 
So, on a whim, I decided to make it this past weekend.

Step One: Run to Buffalo Exchange spontaneously. 
Spend 15 minutes searching for a sweater, swearing that you're not going to compromise. 
Find a similar-ish sweater & completely compromise
because you want to get started immediately
and you're too impatient to find the perfect sweater. 
Step Two:
Get really excited because you already have embroidery thread from another project.

Step Three: Google how to use embroidery thread because you're an idiot.

Step Four: Decide you're going to be really cool 
and choose your own section of the sky to sew. 
Panic about all the choices and resort back to following Anthro's pattern.

Step Five: Do your best impression of a Disney woodland creature. 
Sew until you can't sew anymore. 
Step Six: Congratulate yourself. 
Wear that sweater with pride. 
Strut your stuff knowing that all those other girls are basic bitchez
who bought their sweaters at a store. 

Here's my finished product:
Kinda, sorta similar. 
I veered off-pattern at the end, but it's mostly the same. 
And I'm mostly satisfied.

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