Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Week in (Jean-Ralphio) Gifs

Monday: Worked a half day.
Everything was it's usual state of awful.
I've learned to be pleased with that. 
Tuesday: Arrived at work veeeery early for our office meeting.
It was canceled. No one told me.
Also, got the email to end all emails.
Internets are gone. 
Wednesday: I am so done without the internets.
Thursday: This needs to end.
I was yelled at by several clients today.
Sorry that large, freshly-incarcerated black men who are angry with me terrify me.
(Also, none of that is stereotyping. I have several clients who fit that EXACT description.)
And I didn't even have the internet to make me feel better.
Think back to how awful the end of my unemployed stage was.
I would rather be there again. 
Friday: Neither of my bosses had been to work in 3 days.
For no reason that we were aware of.
They took the internets, and left.
Are they hiding the internet in a far away location?
Are they holding the internet hostage in a scary cabin somewhere?
I need to get out of here.
Saturday: Work.
Missing bosses still managed to email every hour or so
about things that have gone wrong.
Maybe if they came to work fewer things would go wrong?
But what do I know.
I just need to bounce, ASAP.

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