Thursday, April 3, 2014

Death and Taxes

If you're keeping up, I'm not very good at posting regularly. 
Real life gets in the way, man. 
Last week, it was the realest of life: taxes. 
In an effort to complete my FAFSA for school in the fall (WHAT), 
I realized that I needed my tax return. 
Which meant i needed to do my taxes. 
Mother suggested that I just get it done and over with right then. 
I laughed because I thought she was kidding. 
Aren't there people to do that for me?

But I put on my adult hat and psyched myself up--
and whined the entire time.
(And wined the entire time.)
 In all actuality, TurboTax is a Godsend
and made it pretty easy. 
But when you have 4 W-2s for the 2013 tax year, 
everything is stupid. 
If there were a contest for number of jobs held in one year, 
I would win. 
If there were a contest for longevity at one job, 
I would lose miserably. 
I don't want to talk about it. 

What made it even more difficult was the knowledge that
most of my clients at work haven't filed their taxes for the past 5+ years
simply because they don't want their money taken away. 
And those who do file, usually end up getting refunds of $2000+. 
Let's do the math:
~$454/week in unemployment
~$347/month in food stamps
~$2000/year in tax refund
Next year, instead of filing taxes, 
I'm filing bankruptcy. 
Apparently, it's the new get-rich-quick scheme. 

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