Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thugz Mansion

I'm moving again. On Saturday. It's just the worst. 

I feel like I have moved every single year for a while now. And I feel that way because that's exactly what I've done. Maybe some people don't count all the college moving, but when you're doing it in the sweltering Texas heat, it counts.

(For the love of setting the scene, please play this while you read.)

Freshman year: the crazy, hazy days of Jerome Hall. No pictures exist of this building, as it should be. This place was disgusting and I'm surprised they didn't require a tetanus shot before move-in. So much smoking in the rooms, so much alcohol spilled, so much throw up (I assume…duh). J-Rome should be razed and the ground salted.    
Sophomore year, first half: I don't even want to talk about it. They gave me this little slice of heaven outside of Rome for a few short months, then snatched it back with nary a word. I've spent my time since searching for a way back, all the way from au pair-ing to canon lawyer-ing. No dice. 
Sophomore year, second half - Junior year: Pseudo-fancy. They built me a brand new dorm and couldn't even be bothered to name it for years. (It now goes by "The West Hall", which is an offense to creativity.) We all thought they built this dorm really quickly--a little too quickly--and the amount it moved in high winds proved us correct. 
Senior year: The Littlest Townhouse in Texas. Instead of living in the pit that is Old Mill, I lucked out with a condo across the street. Truth: same conditions, prettier facade. We fancied that townhouse right up, and she became full of sparkle + joy + champagne. (Sidenote: does anyone know what happened to the giant inflatable champagne bottle? #necessary)
Postgrad 1: my Texas-chic urban apt! I loved this place. I paid way too much for it, but I lived in downtown Fort Worth and adored every second of it. We spent a lot of time together, as this is where I lived during unemployment sesh #1. Besties 4 lyfe. 
Postgrad 2: Fab little area, literally across the street from work, and 2 minutes from Em & Jake's place. But I like to make things difficult for myself, so I'm out after less than a year. 

I move home for the summer, and on to Houston in August. This will be the first time in about 6 years that I will (permanently) live outside of the DFW area, which is crazy to think about. I'll probably just listen to this song on repeat while crying. You can expect some pretty poignant side-mirror-as-we-drive-away Insta pics. 
Just like you like it. 

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