Thursday, June 19, 2014

Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

Despite the fact that there are one million things to get done before this trip happens, 
I am choosing to focus on the trip to IRELAND my mom and I are taking in July. 
So. Excited. 
I traveled to Scotland before my semester abroad and absolutely fell in love. 
Like I-could-imagine-myself-living-there love. And Ireland is the next best thing, right? (Don't tell them I said that.)
Also I've seen P.S. I Love You & The Quiet Man about a thousand times, so I think I'm covered on Irish culture. (I'm assuming there will be attractive men as far as the eye can see.)

I'm extremely excited for this trip, but I am quite possibly the worst traveller in the history of the world. I did just fine until an overseas trip in high school during which my ear drum ruptured on the flight to Rome (Note: This was a trip for choir, and we had several performances lined up. I had to sing with a ruptured ear drum and I couldn't hear myself at all. Just the worst.). After that trip, I have been such a pansy about airsickness, carsickness, seasickness, you name it. So I have to prepare more than the average Joe for trips.

Travel Essentials 

1. Stuffed luggage: I overpack. Every time. It's a thing I've come to expect, yet I cannot stop myself. There is no way I could know if I'll need boots or sandals, so it's smartest to pack both, right? And eight scarves doesn't seem excessive at all. Look cute or die trying. 

2. Travel pillow: I spent so long completely ignorant of the beauty of the travel pillow. Now I have no fear of accidentally falling asleep on a stranger's shoulder. It's such a lovely, free way to be. 

3. Tangled earbuds: As if you'll ever pull these out of your bag tangle-free. At least it gives you something to do while the plane is taxiing. And then you can quickly pop these suckers in to avoid conversation with the person next to you (sorry, Mom). 

4. Dramamine: As mentioned above, I am a terrible flier. In order for things to go smoothly, I have to be drugged beyond comprehension. That Less Drowsy formula does. not do. it. I need to pass out before we've even left the ground. #ballerstatus

5. Themed playlist: I am the self-proclaimed queen of trip playlists. Local artists are the only acceptable music I will listen to on the way to a destination. I listened to that "500 Miles" song about 50 times while in Scotland. And no, I am not at all ashamed that my Ireland playlist includes B*Witched. C'est la vie, bitches. 

6. Gardetto's: My junk food of choice. And everyone knows calories don't count while traveling. Since I plan on eating nothing but fish and chips once I get over there, I don't think eating Gardetto's is going to make a huge difference. 

7. Tiny bottles of alcohol: Just in case the Dramamine wears off and I wake up like an elephant come off a tranq, I need a little something-something to knock me out again. When in Ireland, drink as the Irish do...


  1. Hahaha this is too funny. I'm a sucker for Gardetto's too! And definitely have to knock myself out with dramamine for any flight longer than three hours.

    1. AH! It's so good to hear about another adult human who can't party it up in the skies! (Usually, my friends start drinking immediately while I'm already halfway into a drugged up stupor.) Thanks for reading!