Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fantasy Feast + Fresh Features

I just made my own almond butter. And then, because the only ones I can eat are crazy expensive, I made my own protein bars with my homemade almond butter. 
Just call me Pioneer Woman. 

Except don't because I will never be a food/all-natural blogger. I'm only pretending to be healthy. If it weren't for this ridiculous diet and the fact that it's working, I would eat like the kids from Heavy Weights. 
I really miss pizza. Pizza has never been my junk food of choice, but it would be now.
 And chips. Preferably the trashiest kinds--Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos…anything ending in "os". I'm also having weird cravings for fruit, because I can only eat small amounts of berries. And my gummy vitamins don't taste like any fruit found in nature.

Drinking is also really difficult. I can only drink liquor + no carb mixers, so I ALWAYS go big without meaning to. And I can't carb up before going out which means I get accidentally drunk a lot. And drunk/hungover food is not at all diet-friendly. It's a vicious circle. All I want is a HBCB from Whata after a long night out.

Most of the time, I do okay with cravings. Eeeeevery so often, I watch my mom eat something. That's normal, right?
But I persist.
BUT HEY! If you look up at the top of the page, there's a new feature called "H-Town"! As soon as I get all moved in & start going out & being a person, I'll start updating the interactive map with great places in Houston. Hopefully, I can actually find some great places in Houston…
I also added my Insta feed to the sidebar. As you can tell, I'm really fancying up my little country bumpkin blog. 
You're welcome.