Thursday, June 26, 2014

Silver Lining

Things that suck:

» I applied for a credit card about a month ago and was told that they were going to need "some time" to review my application. And I haven't heard back. I've been "it's not you, it's me"-ed by the credit card company. Except it's me. It's totally, absolutely me. 
» All the blogs I want to read are in Swedish or whatever. And sometimes they trick you by writing the title in English. 
They've also perfected the art of effortless beauty, which is seriously not fair. Whatever "Perfekt Hud" and "Dagens: Voksenpuberteten" are, I want. 

» All of the apartments in Houston are expensivo. Mumsifer & I go to Houston tomorrow to find me a homestead, but I anticipate this being in my price range:
» I follow a blogger who's a model in Paris. The comparison of our lives makes me so mad, I don't even want to talk about it.
» Someone in a bar poked my hair on Saturday night. He then offered his hand and asked my name. I responded "no, thank you" and he called me a bitch. 
Considering you're unattractive and that hair pulling moving hasn't been seen since grade school, I figured you'd be used to a little rejection. Next time, I'll go easier. (Just kidding.) If anyone's wondering why I prefer Netflixing & alcohol to social interaction, I rest my case. I am retiring the bun for the foreseeable future & I give up on males entirely. 

Despite all this, there are a few bright spots in my life.   
I ate chicken + waffles, celebrated a twenty-first, & rode the Buzz Bike this weekend.
(Sorry the food got mentioned before you, Juju.)
I don't hate it. 


  1. Is it bad that she calls me Mumsifer?

  2. Hahaha that new girl gif cracks me up. That's one of the best episodes ever.