Thursday, August 7, 2014

101 in 1001-ish

I totally intended to post this one about a week ago, but I think the timing works out better this way. I'm straddling the line between wanting to be a "real" blogger who has actual followers, and being far too lazy to put in the effort to become that. This is something "real" bloggers do, so I hopped on the bandwagon. However, in true social-media-slacker fashion, I got about halfway done before I realized that I don't really have many goals. Which is why many of these "goals" are inevitable things, like getting to know the city in which I now live and starting law school. In order to not accomplish those things, I would have to barricade myself in my apartment and have everything delivered. Which actually sounds kind of nice...
1. Start law school
2. Find an apartment in Houston
3. Visit T in DC
4. Visit KP in ATL
5. Attend a blogging conference (maaaaaybe)
6. Organize my iTunes
7. Go to the symphony
8. Get a massage
9. Make Law Review
10. Send handwritten letters regularly
11. Reread at least 3 Core books
12. Get to know Houston
13. Go to the drive-in movie theater
14. Fix Moose-olini (my DIY mounted moose is looking a little lot sad)
15. Finish my t-shirt quilt
16. Go to an event by myself
17. Complete the Camino de Santiago
18. Do a weekend in the hill country vineyards
19. Join the DAR & DRT
20. Go on a shopping hiatus
21. Attend the opera
22. Maintain a workout regimen throughout law school
23. Go to the ballet
24. Organize le blog
25. Try on dresses at BHLDN for funsies
26. Go to another music festival (it's been a long while since my last ACL)
27. Take a roadtrip
28. Do (at least) one out-of-my-comfort zone activity
29. Get at least one more stamp in my passport
30. Make time for scripture/prayer every day for a month (habit-forming and whatnot)
31. Visit Wizarding World of HP
32. Sing karaoke in public
33. Commission a piece of art
34. Go on a spontaneous trip
35. Do a Color Run
36. Take a cooking class
37. Spend 24 hours unplugged
38. Make it back for Groundhog during law school
39. Purge my closet
40. Learn calligraphy
41. Find a gun range in Houston
42. Learn to French braid
43. Say yes to something I normally wouldn't
44. Volunteer
45. Go to blogger events in Houston
46. Go to a comedy club
47. Create a gallery wall
48. Get a credit card (shut up, I'm terrified of debt after working at that bankruptcy place.)
99. Come up with 101 things
100. Graduate from law school
101. Put $5 into savings for every goal accomplished

Suggestions are welcome, because without other people telling me what to do, I would probably be a beauty school dropout. And now that you all have that song stuck in your head, I bid you adieu.

And if you are one of the few who don't have that stuck in your head, here ya go: 
Law school starts soon. And I don't really want those betches knowing who I am, mostly because I want to be able to blog about them. So I won't be posting my blogs via my own FB page anymore. To stay up-to-date on all things me, you'll have to follow me via Bloglovin' or like my Pretty Witty Gracious FB page. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good won't post anything superfluous; just my posts, when I get around to writing them. Scouts honor. 
So go on and follow that link into the interwebz, and like my page. Plz. 

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