Sunday, January 25, 2015

Currently: 1Hell, Part 2

The blog is not dead, and neither am I. There was just a serious vacuum of bloggable things for awhile, and now that school has started again, there's a lot of busy but still nothing super blog-worthy.

Christmas break was just lovely, mostly because I did nothing involving thought the entire time. The only difficulty I confronted was being asked, "Do you want to go see a movie?" approximately every. damn. day. (ahem, Mom.)

That's a slight exaggeration. Right after exams, I did have to start applying for internships. Competition is fierce and I'm sure to get shanked by some overzealous 1L at some point, but I just can't muster up the proper amount of caring. While it would be embarrassing to not get an internship on my own merits, there would still be the option of slinking home with my tail between my legs to beg a family friend for a summer position. If we know anything at all about me, I am no stranger to job embarrassment and I am not above begging.

I've been AWOL for a bit, so here's life lately:

reading | property law & statutory interpretation. my two classes that are just thrilling.

writing | notes on notes on notes. I'm doing this whole actually-caring-about-school this semester. I needed one semester to see if this was a thing I would be doing. that semester has passed, and so did I, which was the biggest test. so I guess I'm staying.
listening | as today is the feast day of the conversion of paul, I've had The Conversion of Saul by Z. Randall Stroope playing all day. I had the chance to sing this in high school and it chaaaaanged. THE DISSONANCE. THE RESOLUTION. brb gotta go write a thank-you email to Z Randall. 
and still T. Swift. ALWAYS T. SWIFT. when I first got the album, I could study to it because I didn't know any of the words. now, not so. I KNOW ALL THE WORDS AND THEY ARE WHAT IS WRITTEN ON MY HEART. Taylor would absolutely be a member of my girl gang. 

thinking | I'm already tired from the amount of effort I'm putting into school. a week into the second semester. trying is not going to be easy.

watching | the second season of Pretty Little Liars. I had started it a couple of years ago, but got sidetracked. my main impression? this town has a LOT of adult males willing to risk everything for underaged females. like, a disproportionate amount. if anything is mysterious, it's that. 

smelling | the chicken I just George-Foreman-ed. I'm, like, a gourmet chef. 
hoping | I actually get an internship. I'm starting to panic, even though it's waaaay to early for that nonsense. I need someone to text me every day: you is kind, you is smart, you is important. in fact, if someone just wants to hire a black nanny to tell me that + take care of my apartment + cook me real food, I wouldn't be adverse. 

wearing | pajamas, always and forever. 

loving | nepotism, hopefully. I need one of these family/UD connections to pay off and land me a fab internship. 

drinking | red wine. about two months into the first semester of law school, someone from my section told me that, judging by my facebook posts, I am literally always drinking red wine. there was no need to correct her. 
wanting | Law Made Fun Through Harry Potter's Adventures: 99 Lessons in Law from the Wizarding World. GUYS. it was made for me. surriously. 
needing | a new suit. the one I got before law school no longer fits. I have an interview on Thursday and I really don't want to show up looking like I borrowed a suit from Andre the Giant. so I need either a new suit, an incredibly fast tailor, or a bunch of mice & birds. Cinderella-style, obvi. 

feeling | I think there's a nervousness that doesn't really go away when you're in law school. it's the constant fear that you're going to be called on and embarrass yourself. so that's sort of endless. but I have a weird sense of control right now. I'm reading ahead and taking better notes and utilizing all of my resources. we'll see how long this lasts...

clicking | ipsy, one of those send-you-a-box-full-of-goodies-each-month things. I got all signed up AND WAS PUT ON THE WAITING LIST. taking myself right off that damn list. whatevs, ipsy. IF THAT REALLY IS YOUR NAME.

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  1. That wine gif is THE BEST. (Do you want to go see a movie?)