Wednesday, February 4, 2015

An Unfunny Explanation

I just had a weird emotional breakdown (first one of law school!) and cried while online shopping and bought another pair of cowboy boots. I don't need another pair. I can't afford another pair. And yet, they will be arriving next week. #treatyoself?
I think law school has made me tremendously unfunny.

I don't blog very much anymore, and there are several reasons for that. 
Obviously, I don't have a ton of time or energy. It seems like I have to choose between getting enough sleep // accomplishing everything for class // having a social life ... and I can only pick one. We all know I can sacrifice a social life without a thought, so I've decided on a rather stressful, grey area between sleep & work -- I read mostly everything for class and I get almost enough sleep. Which just leaves me super anxious about being called on in class & still too tired to focus. Screw waterboarding -- we should just enroll terrorists in law school. 

Another reason I haven't been posting as often is my inability to find funny things to blog about. My ego's not so huge that I think you guys want to hear my every thought on every subject. This started as a comedy thing, and I shouldn't trick y'all into listening to me rant about my fears for the future and hatred of singledom and the trials of having any sort of religion in law school -- unless it's witty, right? And now that I'm surrounded by not-likeminded individuals (life after UD...ugh), finding humor in those typical, real life situations is getting harder and harder. 

It's so easy to slip back into it when I'm visiting Dallas and surrounded by my favorite people in the whole entire world. While UD doesn't do everything correctly, I can find absolutely no fault with the friends I made there. These lovelies (and their families) that I met through UD are the most encouraging, loving, hysterical, friendly-beyond-anything, beautiful souls I have ever encountered, and I am so incredibly #blessed (I hate myself for using that hashtag) with their presence in my life. I just need to find a way to keep that feeling when I come back to Houston.

So with Lent beginning soon, I'm trying to get back to being able to find humor in things. That means sorting through my anxieties & getting a more positive outlook. With that in mind, I've got Matt Maher blasting, a candle burning, and a rosary at my side just waiting to be prayed. 


The next post will (probably) be a Groundhog recap, so imagine your computer screen covered in the tears I cried while reminiscing about the best weekend in the history of ever.

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