Sunday, March 29, 2015

Currently: I Fought the Law and the Law Won

reading | um, more like avoiding reading. 

listening | this super depressing playlist I found on Spotify. Because I am an emo child and I need my music to reflect/amplify my mood. But also, I can't stop listening to The Last Goodbye from the Hobbit. Pippin got infinitely more attractive when he revealed his musical abilities.
thinking | Is this Quarter Life Crisis, Part 2 OR just your average another-semester-of-law school breakdown? If it's the former, does that mean I've been in a continuous life crisis for months now without realizing it? And if it's the latter, I have at least 4 more breakdowns to looks forward to (if I only have one per semester - HA!). Is this what depression feels like? Do I have an anxiety disorder? Am I just being dramatic (duh)?
watching | The Good Wife. Big Law looks terrifying and fun and I don't think I want any part in it. But every so often, I know the legalisms they're talking about on the show and I feel super smart. So there's that. HOWEVER, they just killed off the love of my life, so I'm currently traumatized and unable to read for class. my professors will accept that excuse, right?
smelling | nothing? is my nose no longer working? do I have nose cancer? just another thing to worry about. 

hoping | there is no hope. (I just realized that I've said that before. it remains true.)
wearing | boxers + a t-shirt. so seductive.

loving | the repeal of the 18th Amendment (see below) and the weather lately!

drinking | red wine. duh.
wanting | the entire Lilly Pulitzer for Target line. good grades. better motivation. a beach body. relief from at least some of the things that are stressing me out. a furry friend to pet. 

needing | to remember to set the coffee for tomorrow morning. If I could afford servants, I would have one whose only job was to brew coffee & make it perfectly according to my preferences. 
feeling | overwhelmed. but as a great/crazy lady once said: "There's no crying in law school. Either Tom Hanks or Thomas Jefferson said that. Or both. I think both." 
So we shall overcome. Is that an inappropriate reference for a privileged white girl to make? Whatever. 

clicking | The Catholic Church finally getting on my level?  Yes, please. 

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