Sunday, May 5, 2013

The (Illustrated) Past Year of My Life

UD's graduation is coming up fairly quickly. While that doesn't effect me, it definitely puts things into perspective. 
And I could really do without that perspective. 
At this point, clarity is super annoying. I don't need to be comparing May 2012 with May 2013 because that's how alcoholism begins. I understand that my life is not turning out how I thought it would--a cinematic flashback would only rub salt in that wound. 

However, in the spirit of blogginess, I've composed a series of pictures that illustrate my year's journey. It's short, so stop crying about having to read during finals/on your day off. 

«February-May 2012»
An excellent summary of a UD student's never-ending quest. 
This is particularly true of my 2nd semester senior year. I had completed my student teaching and I didn't have a thesis to present. I'd had enough truth & beauty for the time being, and I completely moved on to the booze. 

Congratulations Class of (2012)--we did it!
(My life always relates to Reese Witherspoon--naturally or by design.)
By graduation, I was more than ready to get out. However, my brain refused to process the finality of graduating--I was still viewing it as another break, after which we'd all be back together.
Doing so leads to a much more difficult reality check.

«August 2012-January 2013»
Then, I got a job. 
I accepted the position the week of graduation. A bit of a panic move, but no one wants to graduate without knowing their next step. Literally, a month later I realized what a mistake I had made. That is not hindsight speaking--the conversations I had with my future coworkers/boss during that month spurred intense regret. I hated that job before I even started work. 

I felt like Office Space-ing every single day I worked that job (particularly because the copier went on the fritz almost daily). God was obviously working wonders in my life, as evidenced by my lack of violence against machines and humans alike. 

«January 2013-May 2013»

I think those just speak for themselves. 
Also, seeing those grouped together just made me realize that I'm super concerned with my looks. So there's that. 

On a completely different note, this blog is really hard to write while maintaining a sweet, Christian nature. I have to wait a few days before actually posting what I've written, just to give myself time to reread and reassess. 
(This may come as a surprise, but my sarcasm comes off as terribly rude sometimes. Also, I can be just mean.)
Many entries have already been scrapped due to mean-spiritedness. Whatever. 

(I'm experimenting with signatures. "xoxo" was a little too Gossip Girl.)

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