Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot Hot Heat/Ice Ice Baby

I had this really awesome post planned 
but when I sat down to write it, 
my brain was fried from walking downtown in 102° heat. 

Inspired by such hellacious (literally) conditions, 
this post came to be.
Have no fear, though- 
that aforementioned really-awesome-post will be written. 
Just let my brain cool off, first. 

(Sidenote: I'm sitting in Starbucks listening to the barista
explain that she meant for her tattoo to say "No Regrets" in French
but she misspelled it. And she's totally fine with it
because that's the whole point of the tattoo, right?

(She's also used 4 curse words in the last 5 minutes & talked about her "real dad" with a customer. 
She has a job & I don't. 

Here's a list of places I would rather be right now:

«1. Floating the river»

Doesn't that sound glorious?
Being lazy in the water while drinking?
The closest I have to that right now is sipping a BLL while in the shower. 

«2. Pitkin, CO»

Taken in July. Just kidding. But maybe.

Also known as the middle of nowhere. 
This picture is actually nearby Gunnison, CO. 
Apparently, Google Images doesn't think pictures of Pitkin are worthwhile.  

Either way, I was there in May-ish 2011, and it snowed every day. 
Snow. In May. 

«3. In the frozen ocean with Jack»

Cold + Leonard DiCaprio? Yes, please. 
Rose was such a sucker for letting him go.
(Is it still too soon for Titanic jokes? I don't know the proper joke etiquette.)

«4. On this mountain»

I've never fallen while skiing (brag), but I would totally take a tumble into this. 

«5. In this music video»

Awkwafina "Mayor Bloomberg (Giant Margaritas)"

I just want to drink really cold alcoholic drinks all day. 

That started out seriously, 
and then I took a left turn into Crazy somewhere around the Titanic.
It's just TOO DARN HOT.
I was in this musical in high school, so I'm compelled to reference it. 

The sprinklers just came on. 
Excuse me, while I go lie down in the spray. 

P.S. A homeless man offered me a beer as I walked home. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things I'm Loving, Pt. 2

First order of business:

You can now get updated via email with this cool doohickey:
(somewhere in the direction of the arrow)
Internets are neat.

my blog reached 1,000+ views!
In less than 3 months!
I don't really know what's normal for a blog,
but this is way more than I expected 
considering I have almost nothing of merit to say.
So, thanks!

And now I'll actually post about something.

More things I'm loving:

1. My UD education

I made fun of, & complained about, & was exasperated with UD. 
I won't deny that. 
But I look back with extreme fondness on my time at UD. 
It's frustrating, though, because folks from UD are just so much smarter than OTHERS,
so life in the real world can be rough.
(That was slightly sarcastic, by the way. Non-UDers, please don't get offended. Just get a sense of humor.)

2. Organizing

I went home for a little over a week, and managed to organize two closets. 
Of my own volition. 
You're welcome, Mom. 

Also, I recently spent a couple of weeks researching agendas
because I'm anal like that. 
My current love is May Designs
(they have personalized stationery, too!)

but I might spring for an Erin Condren or myAgenda when I start law school.

3. Rockin' the River

Fort Worth is awesome & I'm actually pretty sad to be leaving.
Rockin' the River puts bands on a floating stage in the Trinity River &
you can rent tubs (or toobs. whatever.) to float while listening. 
I haven't been yet, but it's weekly so I'm sure I'll make it out there at some point.

4. Edward Snowden

I didn't create this. Give me more credit than that. 

This is not a political blog because I don't really want to reveal my ignorance, 
but I'm pro-Snowden. Hypothetically, if I had a secret, off-the-grid cabin in Europe,
I would totally offer to hide him. 
Our government's disgusting & I'm preparing for the end times. 
(Only slightly joking.)

5. Lawn games?

It might be the middle-class WASC(atholic)-y girl speaking, 
but summertime calls for lawn games. 
Bags are a given, 
and I could do with a bit of bocce, a lot of ladders, considerable croquet, etc.
Channeling my inner Maid Marian sounds fun, 
but I prefer games that can be played with a drink in hand. 

That's really all I've got for you. 
I drove from San Antonio to Fort Worth today, so I'm all car-tired. 

Plus, I have a headache.

So I've got a lot to deal with.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


I am deathly Rome-sick. 

And this

My Facebook newsfeed is a barrage of pictures from friends living in and/or visiting Europe.
I can handle it no more. 

I am memory lane-ing it today:
(Some pictures may or may not be stolen. I plead the 5th.)

I miss pre-semester travels with Bodie & the Loch Ness Monster. 
(I'm an expert photo editor, by the way.)

I miss gangster signs at the Pantheon. 
This is before Teresa & I were even friends, and I made everyone pose like this. 
She is clearly skeptical. 
It's surprising our friendship even got off the ground. 

I miss Christmas markets & carousels in Piazza Navona. 
I had just been subjected to something really, really terrible 
and my lovely roommates stopped their finals studying to cheer me up. 
Obviously, they had no fun whatsoever. 

I miss just hanging out at St. Peter's. 
I still can't believe that that's a thing we did:
hung out at St. Peter's. 

I miss church-ing & friend-ing in Trastevere. 

I miss trips to Vesuvius. 

I miss fighting the crowds at the Parthenon. 

I miss kebabs & beer in Greece. 
Good Lord, do I miss kebabs. 

I miss train fiascos & passing a bottle of whiskey down the aisle. 

I miss 10 for 10-day!
And falling asleep under pool tables. 

I miss our 10-day motto. 
"May we all find some meaning out of our backpacks" became such a 
wonderful, tear-jerking, laughter-inducing toast. 

I miss accidental Greenpeace rallies & pig hooves. 

I miss Halloween bar & yard glasses. 

 I miss that church/flamenco bar.

I miss the nicest man in Budapest. 

I absolutely DO NOT miss this train fiasco. 

I miss the running joke about bathrooms in Prague. 

 I miss drunken nights with my oldest friend.
("We've known each other since we were 3!")
And I miss that oldest friend teaching me how to steal my Hofbrauhaus stein.
(It's under her coat, y'all. She is goooood.)

I miss our fabulous room in Assisi. 
And accidentally setting the thermostat too high & falling into a heat-induced coma,
 thereby missing the sneaky trip to the castle. 

I miss seriously last-minute trips.
(John Paul was on his way out the door, asked if I wanted to go, I packed in 15 minutes. 
Luckily, I had long since given up on looking attractive while traveling.)

I miss making Kenneth do touristy things with me. 

Mostly, I miss everything & everybody. 
Let's all go back together, k?


The Great State of Texas (& HEB) does it again.

That's right, bacon jam. 
It might sound unappetizing, but let me tell you...
it's glorious. 
Regular hamburger? Meh. 
Regular hamburger + bacon jam? WONDERFUL.
 The bottle gives suggestions on how and with what to serve it, 
but I think just "with a spoon" is sufficient. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Free Confused & Lonely at the Same Time

I absolutely do not feel stupid using T. Swift lyrics to describe my life. 
Girlfriend sings my life. 
(No joke, though. I've hit all my major milestones at the same time Taylor did; she knows me.)

As my 23rd birthday approaches (don't worry, y'all still have a month to perfect your gifts)
I figured I would reflect on being 22 using all those wacky emotions Taylor talks about.

This is absolutely not meant for pity.
(Unless you want to throw a pity-job my way. Feel free.)
I'm just being honest. 
This blog wouldn't be an accurate portrayal of my life without all of the messy, why-can't-I-be-Rory-Gilmore, NOT-made-for-TV moments.
Plus, if Taylor can sing about it, I can (attempt to) write about it.
Man or not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman. Geez, Tennessee, quit being all sexist.

My parents are pretty cool about my unemployment status!

I have an adorable nephew who's in love with me!
(That will be a problem in the future, but for now it's just cute.)

I live in a super-cute apartment in downtown Fort Worth!
And I'll be moving to a super-cute apartment in Uptown with two super-cute roommates!

I'm not working at that gosh-awful job anymore!
(Also, the principal was fired a month after I quit, so JUSTICE WAS SERVED.)

The reason this whole bloggy thing started: my future.
I have no idea where I'm going, nor do I have any clue what I want to do.

I'll figure it out eventually.
If Sex and the City taught me anything, it's that I should be well into my thirties before I get my life figured out. 
(Note: If I get to my thirties before my life is figured out, please shoot me.)

«Lonely (at the same time)»
(It's impossible to sing only part of that line; the rest MUST follow.)
I wish I lived closer to everyone (but I will soon!)
A 30-minute drive doesn't really seem like much to me
(mostly because I grew up in Texas, where EVERYTHING is far away)
but it can definitely impede the party process. 

Being unemployed can be fairly lonely, too. 
I have to find little ways to get out of my apartment or risk being sucked into my computer. 
(I'm fairly certain that was an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? And those are based on real life, right?)
Also, my sister and I were joking about the possibility of my dead body not being found for days/weeks because I live alone. 
That has become one of my biggest fears.

Ups and downs, people. And that's okay. 
Like Taylor says, happy-free-confused-and-lonely in the best way.

Moral of the story: get to work on my birthday presents.

P.S. 15 days until I receive my LSAT scores.
P.P.S. This post has been sort of depressing, so I might do a less desolate one soon.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

LSAT Update + Currently...

Me, halfway through the LSAT:

But now I am done with the LSAT.
(hopefully, forever)

This is how that feels:

And then I took a nap. 
It's a tough life. 

Last weekend, I went home for a wedding and this was the only picture that was taken:

The wonderful Scout being forced to remember the Alamo.

The wedding was lovely & the reception was great, but I completely failed at taking pictures. My bad.

Here's an update:

Listening: Summer calls for fun playlists.
The most important rule is summer playlists cannot involve thought-provoking music.
Also, emo music is only okay if it's Dashboard. Duh.
(Clearly, I take this way too seriously.)
My "sunshine." playlist is small, but ever-growing.

Drinking: Bud Light Lime. It's trashy, sure. 
But as an unemployed 20-something, trashy is my status in life. 
A little LSAT formal logic for you:
Anything that fights heat & humidity is perfect for the summer.
Citrus & lightness fight heat & humidity. 
BLL is citrusy & light. 
Therefore, BLL is perfect for the summer. 

Wanting: LSAT scores aren't released for 3 weeks. Ugh. My Fourth of July will be either super patriotic & happy or angry. 

Needing: It's a little sad that I'm still needing a job. 
And that's all I'm saying about that. 

Feeling: Except I am stressed about finding a job. 
And I was stressed about finding a new apartment + roommates. 
I got the roommates thing figured out and we think we have an apartment lined up,
but the financials are killing me. 
So now I have to stress about finances. 
Why did I decide to become an adult?
I understand that this is the anxiety speaking, but Buster's life seems kinda great.