Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Blog About Nothing

In all of my interviews, I get this dreaded question:

What have you been doing since your last job?

My reaction:
This is my favorite face of all faces, so this image will be used often.

Luckily, "preparing for the LSAT" sounds good & is actually true.
Obviously, I should be volunteering or taking classes or whatever. 
And I will be doing that soon, I promise. 

But here's what I would say if I could be totally honest:

Re-watching Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Maybe it's because I'm older, but the way they never told us if Gary & Sam got together is really bothering me. 

Watching the birds play on my porch (& pretending I'm Cinderella)
I have the laziest, least helpful bird friends ever. 

Starting a blog

Here's a bunch of random Internet finds:

This story about a soldier & his dog-love from Afghanistan:
I would marry him so fast. 

Maybe it's because I'm accidentally tipsy (on this wine)
but videos of soldiers reuniting with their dogs make me cry
(note: it's not because of the wine; I do this every month or so).
There's actually a website that scratches that itch for me.
You're welcome & keep the tissues handy.

This is what Lisa Frank looks like:

I didn't really have any picture in my head, 
yet she is exactly what I would have imagined. 
I also had to look for a weirdly long amount of time before I could find a picture of her. 
It's not like she's the shy, retiring type:

She was so super high when she drew this.

I feel like every interview I have goes like this:

On the subject of New Girl:
"My life sucks so much right now, but at least I'm not 23."

This Facebook ad:

You want me to buy your wine?
Don't ever ever ever liken me to the 99%.
That shit cray.

Apparently, there's a heat wave in the Northeast right now:

Those temperatures + humidity look like Texas in September. 
Stop complaining & grab a snow cone. 

Also, my sister blogs. 
It's a mommy blog, so I don't really have much interaction with it.
she also crafts & is going to be a contributor at!
So that's neat. 
Here's her blog.

My birthday's on Saturday. 
I might post again before then. 

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