Sunday, March 2, 2014

Catholic Eye of the Tiger

One of the (minor) reasons I love being Catholic
is because we're such big one-uppers. 
No one can compete with us. 

Oh, you've got a famous guy as the head of your church?

You belong to a giant megachurch?
Oh, that's cute.

Your pastor devotes his life to God?
K, bye. 

Your religion appeals to a younger generation?

A religion full of one-uppers. 
That's what makes Lent so difficult. 
I know it's not a contest, but it still kind of is. 
Plus, I have to one-up myself. 
Obviously, I also use Lent as a time for contemplation
& spiritual growth begotten from self-sacrifice.
But my brain is messed up & I see Lent as a challenge as well.
You don't know it, but I'm in competition--
with myself and also maybe you. 
My competitiveness is my cross to bear. Don't judge me.
I've got some ideas for Lent,
but I kind of wanted to see what y'all think would be the biggest sacrifice for me. 
(Also, I found out how to do a poll on Blogger & got excited.)
Choose wisely. 
What should be my Lenten discipline? free polls 
*I will probs definitely not choose based on these results. You don't own me.
This blog would be nothing without sarcasm. Could you go 40 days without it?
 Giving up social media would take away so much from you, but I would do it for Jesus. 
Shopping? I feel like I draw in a lot of converts just by dressing cute. 
But it's a sacrifice I would make. 
I'm pulling for the fast; self-discipline is a virtue that would
transfer to other areas of my life, 
plus it's high time I lose the baby weight I've been toting around for the past 22+ years.
Chubby cheeks just aren't coming back in style, no matter how hard I try to make it a thing. 
JKJK, guyz.

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